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How to Soundproof a Floor in an Apartment

Are you tired of noisy neighbors that interfere with your peace? Noise pollution is an issue that sometimes leads to complaints in apartments. Experts call this type of noise airborne noise. It passes from one home to the next through areas such as small holes, floors as well as under the doors.

You can eliminate it by learning about how to soundproof a floor. Apart from airborne noise, impact noise also affects the living conditions of people staying in apartments. Sometimes, the sound is applied to the ceiling and walls of a home.

It may originate from people’s footsteps or children playing in the house. Noise pollution can interfere with your mental health as well as reduce productivity. We will help you by discussing how to soundproof a floor in an apartment.

You can soundproof your floor to preserve your privacy or even improve the acoustics of your home. Regardless of your reasons, quick steps can make a significant difference.

There are different methods in which you can suppress sounds, but your budget should guide you on choosing the right method for you. Here are some of the options on getting a soundproof apartment floor.

The Best Ways to Soundproof a Floor includes:

1. Use floor mats

Though a heavy carpet does the trick, you may still need to add rubber floor mats to make your apartment noise-free. Placing a rubber mat below the carpet is how to soundproof a floor.

Rubber is a material that works better compared to woven materials since it contains minimal holes for sound penetration.

There are different types of floor mats you can get in the market. Rubber-Cal is an effective mat that you should consider. This comes from recycled rubber and acts as a shock absorber. It makes your ground firm and prevents you from slipping.

Besides making your floor soundproof, it makes it easy for you to conduct exercises from home. Floor mats for this purpose are affordable and readily available. You can also choose interlocking floor mats in your home. Start with laying one of them in the corner and proceed with covering the entire floor.

2. Consider acoustic floor underlayment

Another technique that you can use beneath your carpet is adding acoustic floor underlayment. This layer creates an effective barrier to prevent sound from traveling out of your home. Acoustic floor underlayment provides extra insulation on vinyl floors or bare hardwood.

Most people use the laminate underlayment (See Image on Amazon) to make their apartments soundproof. It is an effective underlayment that contains a vapor barrier. Installing it on your floor is easy.

Just unroll it and cover all the floor surfaces. You can use nails to attach the underlayment on the edges of your floor. Cut off the extra material on the corners and use it in areas that may not be covered fully.

3. Place a dense carpet on the floor

A heavy carpet is a solution on how to soundproof a floor cheap. This does not need any authorization from anyone. A carpet that has a dense material can take care of both airborne and impact noise in an apartment. It makes it hard for the sound to penetrate through the thick fabric on the floor.

Purchase a tightly woven rag to prevent sound from penetrating outside your apartment. The market also offers carpet padding that is specifically designed for soundproofing purposes.

For instance, the premium grip rug pad like RUGPADUSA (See Real User Reviews on Amazon)  is a slip-resistant and durable carpet that is affordable. You also need nails or glue to secure this carpet. Since it is heavier than conventional types, you may need some assistance during installation.

4. Install Mass loaded vinyl

You can also achieve a soundproof apartment floor by installing a Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV). This is also another insulator that goes under your carpet.

It reduces the noise from surrounding apartments and gives you the privacy you need. Start the installation process by laying down the MLV then place rubber on top of it. Add a thick carpet on top of the two layers to make your apartment soundproof.

The three layers work well because the rubber is already a dense material. The thick carpet has woven fibers that absorbs extra noise. Use some nails to attach MLV to your floor. MLV materials are of different types.

One of the popular types is the trademark soundproofing MLV. People like it since it is odorless, thin and effective. The retailers from where you purchase your MLV can share additional insights on how to soundproof a floor in an apartment using this material.

5.  Green glue method

This makes use of an adhesive known as green glue which acts a soundproofing material. The compound contains a polymeric formula which makes it a sound deader when you apply it between two soundproofing materials.

Unlike other application methods, the installation process of this technique requires some expertise. You can use the compound with different materials such as MDF, Plywood, cement board or OSB.

Green glue is eco-friendly and mold resistant When you apply green glue on two boards, it minimizes the transfer of sound between the materials.

It works by converting waves of sound into heat. A sound is a form of energy wave which travels through the air. The process involves the vibration of air molecules which allows the transfer of sound through floors, walls, and ceiling. Green glue contains polymeric construction which dissipates the vibration of air molecules that occur during sound travel. By dissipating sound energy, the technique makes your apartment soundproof.

6.  Get a professional

For the busy person who works all day and only comes to the apartment late in the evening, you may not have the time to soundproof your floor. You can, however, do this with the help of a professional.

All you need is good cash for them to purchase the necessary materials to start making adjustments on your floor. A professional can, however, make permanent changes to your apartment.

You may need to consult the landlord before the professional starts working.

Additional tips

Residing in an apartment comes with limitations when it comes to soundproofing floors. You may not have a choice on the type of flooring due to the already existing one.

You may need permission from the owner of the apartment before using some of a complex technique to soundproof your house.

Most techniques need some additional tools. Consult the retailer of the extra items you need for the installation. During installation, you should ensure that you don’t leave any gaps on the floor since gaps can reduce the effectiveness of the best soundproofing material.

You should also pay attention to the maintenance of your new floor to increase durability.


There are numerous techniques to soundproof the floors of your apartment. The difference in the methods lies it their effectiveness, installation as well as cost.

MLV may work better than using an exercise mat since this mat only insulates some of the impact noises but does not get rid of airborne sounds.

It means that you should look at the capabilities of each technique to choose one that will not disappoint. You may have to implement more than one method to eliminate all the noise in your apartment.

If your concern is how to soundproof a floor cheap, consider options such as thick carpet or rubber floor mat. Soundproofing techniques can help you increase comfort in your home and prevent you from suffering from the effects of noise pollution.

Choose the right one today and enjoy the comfort of your home without any interruptions from external noise.

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