How To Soundproof French Doors: 5 Easy Ways

Written by Michael Harris
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In this article, I will show you exactly how to soundproof french doors and sliding glass doors without wasting a ton of time and money.

To be honest, sound dampening French or sliding glass doors can really be a challenge and harder than you think, however what I am about to share with you, will significantly reduce the noise.

Are French Doors or Sliding Glass Doors Soundproof?

In short No, due to the nature of the door being glass makes it easier for sounds to go through especially when there are huge gaps exposed. The glass used on the door is very thin which allows noises and sounds to exploit it.

Here are the Best Ways to Sound Dampen French Doors or Sliding Glass Doors

1. Hang Curtains that will absorb the noises and sounds

If you are looking for the easiest and cheap way then getting soundproofing drapes is the best option. These curtains are thick and dense which absorb sounds and reduces echoes. 

They are easy to install and really affordable. The ones I personally recommend are Nicetown Full Shading.

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After getting these curtains, all you have to do is hang them, I recommend you hang them both in the front and the back of the French or Glass doors.

2. Use Thick Blankets

Another thing you can do to sound deaden the doors is to cover them with Thick Soundproof Blankets. Thick Blankets work well and will dramatically cut down the sound.

You can use any blankets but make sure they are thick enough, Moving blankets work great because you can double them or triple them when hanging to create multiple layers which will strengthen the soundproofing.

3. Try Hanging Thick Carpet Rugs

An alternative to using blankets, you can hang rugs vertically on your doors, the golden rule with this approach to ensure that the carpet covers the whole french or sliding glass doors, The thick the carpet, rug the better.

This may not be the most elegant looking approach but it is one of the easiest, fast and cheap sound dampening methods.

4. Find Gaps and Block Them

Any small hole or gap in the door can result in a lot of noises and sounds coming through that is why it is so important that you try and find gaps especially between the door frame and the door.

This can be a tedious process I must admit but it will result in a noticeable change once you have found the gaps and blocked them.

After you spotted the holes you can block them by using soundproof weatherstrips, whether you see the gaps on your french doors or not I think using weatherstrips will work to your advantage.

5. Ensure the French door or Sliding Glassdoor are installed correctly

This is something most people overlook but is essential because if the door is not properly installed then there is a huge chance that there are cracks, gaps or holes that make it easier for sound waves to go through.

Now, after you have done the above tips you can finish it off by installing a door sweep, a great sound-absorbing door sweep not only it will help keep out the noises but it will also insulate your home.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this article that it can be tough to sound dampen french doors let alone sliding glass doors but the methods I shared will help reduce unwelcome noises drastically. for more sound dampening tips click here.

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