How To Soundproof A Home Gym: 10 Easy Ways

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I am a fitness enthusiast and I spend most of my time lifting weights and doing some cardio in my own Home Gym.

The problem came when my neighbors started complaining about the noise levels and to be honest, I wasn’t pleased but to cut a long story short is I found out there are things you can do to soundproof a home gym and in this article, I will show you exactly how to achieve that.

After reading this article you will know exactly how to reduce loud unwanted noise and echo in your gym without exploding your bank account. Before thinking of soundproofing your walls and ceiling There are far cheaper methods to achieve a peaceful quiet environment including:

1. Purchase Ruber Coated Dumbells

I know you might prefer to use full metal dumbells (Like me) unfortunately those can be really loud and let’s be honest if you in-form and you are killing the reps and sets like crazy, you are more prone to throw the dumbells down once the muscle gets the pump and start locking.

That is where the Ruber coated Dumbells come in, Now matter how hard you throw them, they will never make a groundbreaking noise.

You can get rubber-coated dumbells for less, they are affordable to check the latest price on Amazon.

2. Get Ruber Bumper Plates:

If you are more into CrossFit and things like Deadlifts. Rubber Bumper plates will the difference between your neighbor greeting you with a smile or constantly complaining, but if you just want to soundproof your gym for yourself then Ruber bumper plates are great because not only will reduce the noise but will also reduce the clanging and vibrations.

Another thing I like about Bumper plates is that they will also prevent your floor from cracking and breaking. and the drop in noise levels is a significant trust me.

3. Rubber Kettlebells

I am sure you knew this was coming, To be honest, I can’t emphasize the importance of using rubber gym equipment, anyways the weight stays the same and you will still get the gains, body or Aesthetics you want and deserve.

Kettlebells are one of the culprits when it comes to noise creation because they are often dropped.

making use of rubber kettlebells like these will help sound dampen your workout place.

4. Include Some Suspension Training

If you plan to have a quieter gym session, then incorporating suspension training is a solution, most people will agree with me that not only this will reduce noise levels but will certainly build your physique.

Doing more of bodyweight exercise will double your progress and give you a different variation of exercises.

5. Try Implementing Sandpits to the gym.

One of the most less known but effective home gym sound dampening strategies used by smart fitness lovers. By using sandpits on your weight lifting platform you will dramatically reduce undesired noise. You can do it by building sandpits on the strike zones.

The sand will absorb the noise and the clanging vibrations when you drop the equipment. It is important to know that if you opt to use the sandpit approach in your exercise room, only use it in the strike zone. or the whole room will be filled with sand.

6. Make use of Heavy Duty Sandbags

One of the most effective strategies to take your workout plan to another level. Heavy Duty Sandbags will aid you to develop the strength, fitness, and aesthetics you want while keeping the environment quiet.

If you don’t money to purchase new kettlebells or dumbbells, this may be a great alternative because you can do almost any exercise with a Heavy Duty Sandbox.

7. Make Use of Weightlifting Drop Pads

These are Pads that are designed to reduce the amount of noise when you drop weights when you do the most exercises like heavy deadlifts, bend-over rows you often drop the weights and that’s where these pads come in handy.

The drop pads are also a great option for a quieter environment in your house.

8. Use Interlocking Sound Absorbing Flooring Tiles

These flooring tiles are one of the best tiles for home created workout gyms and exercise rooms because they easily reduce noise and they are also affordable.

If you are looking for gym soundproof mats, these are the right fit for you. They will certainly do the job and also protect your floor from being damaged.

What I like about This is the fact that they look incredibly elegant and will also help you with balance because they grip well.

9. Use Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels work really well on your walls, but will not completely sound dampen the gym, That is why I recommend you use Acoustic panels with other methods mentioned above.

They are often used in recording studios to improve the overall quality and reduce unwanted white noise, reverbs and echoes.

You can apply these foam panels on the walls.

Acoustic panels do work well as long as your window is Soundproofed.

10. Soundproof the door

One of the most common mistakes most people often make is forgetting about sound dampening their door and the noise and sounds will exploit that opportunity making all your efforts in this DIY project worthless.

There are many ways to go about doing that some will cost you some cash whilst others are absolutely free like using moving blanks or homemade sound-absorbing materials.

Tips For Gym Soundproofing

  • If you don’t have a place yet, I recommend you start planning for the home gym before construction because that will give you the opportunity to include sound-absorbing material and that will save you time and cost.
  • Choose a room or place that is further from your neighbors because that will reduce the risk of them complaining about the noise
  • Don’t forget about the doors and windows, As I mentioned early frequency sounds travel far and they will exploit the open gaps.
  • Make use of Acoustic Panels because that will help the balancing of echoes and significantly reduce noise.

Gym Soundproofing FAQ

Do Exercise Mats Reduce Noise?

Exercise mats do somewhat reduce noise compared to not having one, however, the type of exercise mat and the thickness will determine how much of the noise is absorbed with dropping weights.

Does Rubber Flooring absorb sounds in the gym?

The thicker the mat the better it is for absorbing sounds, this goes also for rubber flooring which is generally good at absorbing some of the sounds, the general and golden rule here is to always use thicker rubber flooring.


Hopefully, these tips will help you with your DIY project feel free to contact me via the contact form if you have inquiries.

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