How To Soundproof A Noisy Water Pump: 6 Simple Tips

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Unwanted vibrations and noise from your water pump tend to be very annoying. If you have a water pump in your home you understand where this is coming from.

The noise has the capacity to drive you crazy when you want to do something relaxing like reading or even when you are just watching TV.

Most people think that there is no solution to this noisy problem but there are several ways you can deal with it.

A soundproofed water pump gives you more peace while it does the job. Here are some effective ways to deal with your noisy water pump.

1. First, Define the Type of Noise.

The first thing you need to do is define the type of noise you are hearing from the water pump. It can range from airborne to vibration depending on the issue on your water pump. Different types of noise will require different interventions.

Vibration noise from a water pump is quite annoying. Lucky for you, the solution is very simple. The vibration sound comes from the pump and transferred to the walls.

All you have to do to make it quiet is reinstall the pump using some isolation strips. Make sure you place the strips between the pump and the wall or surrounding structures.

2. Build a Soundproof Box for Insulation.

A Soundproof cardboard box is a simple way of soundproofing a noisy water pump but it requires a little more effort to build. The sound from the water pump travels in waves, which makes it hard to trap them.

The box prevents the waves from traveling, which makes it much more convenient. You’ll need to measure the water pump so you get a box bigger in size. Acoustic deadeners or plywood will do the job in this case.

These two are very good at insulating sound by 50 to 90% depending on the pump and its noise level. The thickness of the soundproofing material is quite important.

If you use thin walls for the box there is a high chance that the soundproofing will not work out. You should also use the same material to cover the interior of your box and decrease the noise significantly.

Fatmat and Dynamat are some of the best acoustic deadeners for the job. They work to insulate the inside of your box. They are quite thick and will quiet your noisy water pump by a great deal. Use some foam or rubber to prevent the cardboard from touching the ground or wall; this could dismiss the efforts. You can use foam rubber to prevent the sound waves.

3. Position the Water Pump Correctly

It is important to know how you will position your water pump. Sometimes, the irregular noise from your water pump is caused by an irregular position.

The first rule is to ensure the pump does not come into contact with the floor or the walls. The contact is known to increase the noise significantly.

You can try and place the pump behind a large obstacle that may act as a barrier between the equipment and the receiver. For instance, installing the pump on a concrete surface will make it steadier and quiet down the noisy pump.

4. Insulate the airborne noise

Sometimes, you can limit the potential transmission of sound by the insulation of any form of airborne noise from the water pump. To do this, you have to create barriers using soundproofing blankets or some acoustic panels. Applying either of these will reduce the noise by a noticeable level.

5.  Maintain the pump.

The noise from your water pump may be caused by old age or poor maintenance. Most of the time, the water pump’s motor is the main reason for the unpleasant sound. Dirt and dust cause the motor to slow down or speed up and produce the sound.

To maintain the pump you have to make sure you lubricate parts that have the potential to corrode, tighten all the loose parts and replace the worn-out parts of the pump.

These three factors have the potential to affect the productivity and noise of your water pump. Create a routine for these three things and you will not have to worry about a noisy water pump. This works as a fix as well as a prevention method. This means you can choose to do this and prevent any noise or do it to make your noisy water pump quieter.

6. Use several methods together

I can’t stress enough how acoustic materials are good in soundproofing your noisy water pump.
Acoustic mats during the pump installation or operation will help to reduce the noise levels by
absorbing the vibration.

This, combined with several other methods mentioned above will help
reduce the noise close to 100%. Maintain the pump, lubricate, and build an effective soundproof box to quiet your noisy water pump.

Final Thoughts on Soundproofing a Noisy Water Pump.

If any of the methods mentioned do not work effectively, then there is definitely something wrong with your pump.

The pump you are using could be the main issue. If this is the case, you should consider buying a new pump for yourself but do not hesitate to use the methods above to make the pump noiseless.

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