How To Stop Wooden Stairs From Creaking: 5 Easy Ways

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Do you have wooden stairs in your home that make an annoyingly loud noise whenever someone walks on them? If so, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

Many homeowners struggle with this issue, but there are a few things you can do to fix the problem.

In this blog post, we’re going to walk you through how to stop wooden stairs from creaking. Let’s get started.

Are Squeaky Stairs Dangerous?

Stairs are quite vital for any home that has more than one floor. It facilitates movement from one level to another. However, the squeaky and creaky sounds can be irritating even more than a damaged staircase.

The annoying sound is a clear indication that your stairs need some repairs, but many homeowners tend to postpone the issue.

The creaking and squeaking sounds are a warning that maybe there is a broken point within the stairs. Any broken part on a staircase should be attended to immediately since it can result in a hell of problems in the long run.

However, the squeaky and creaking noise is not that dangerous. Fixing the issue is said to be quite crucial since nobody knows the impending dangers that it can pose.

Do not be scared by the cost since it is much affordable as compared to replacing the entire staircases. This is something that you can fix even without the need to call on board some professionals, and this will later save you many bucks.

Later in this post, you will learn some of the ways on how to stop wooden stairs from creaking and squeaking. In the meantime, continue reading to spot some of the causes of why even new stairs tend to creak. Knowing the cause will help you put some preventive measures in place.

Why Do My New Stairs Creak?

There are so many things that can lead to creaking stairs regardless of whether they are new or old. These factors include:

Cat Scratching Behavior

If you own a cat in your home, then be ready to keep on repairing the stairs, especially if you have not bought her cat toys. Cats are funny creatures, and they tend to be playful.

They will keep on scratching the stair carpet and even the wood. Frequently scratching habit will make the wooden stairs to start creaking.

You will be expected to replace the carpet and other broken wood parts to curb the creaking sounds.

Water Spillage

Pouring water on the wooden stairs can ultimately damage them, but this is a slow process. Frequent spillage of water on the stairs will make it start warping, and some point produces creaking noise once they wood dries off.

You will need to expect the entire wood if you suspect there is frequent water spillage on it and think of replacing it. This can pose dangers since the wood will rot.

Loose Post Used in Fitting

Many homeowners tend to cut on the cost of fitting post on the stairs. They end up doing it themselves, and this makes the post lose after fitting.

Frequent movement upstairs results in creaking noise even if the stairs have been fitted today. You need to call on board a professional carpenter to do such type of work.

Loose Handrail

Staircases are usually fitted with handrails that help protect the home users from falling while moving up and down the stairs.

Sometimes, the screws and bolts used to attach the handrail on the wall become loose. This is the reason behind the creaking and squeaky noise as one moves up or down the floors.

Cracks on Stair Treads

Fitting wooden stairs need a lot of precautions. Breaks are the everyday things that tend to occur due to lack of support or even change in weather climate.

If the stairs are not repaired, then expect to hear some annoying noise at night and even early morning when someone steps on the stairs.

Loose Stair Treads Soundproofing your stairs is quite essential, and this can help curb the noise from reaching to other rooms.

However, if you have loose stair treads, then you are likely to experience creaks and stair movement. This can be irritating, especially if you are trying to get sleep after having a tough day at work.

How To Stop Wooden Stairs From Creaking

Fixing wooden stairs from creaking noise is quite easy. But you need to have some clues about joinery. However, if you do not have these skills, don’t worry.

I have compiled some tips that will guide you when fixing the issue in your house. Let’s cut the chase. Here are some of the ways on how to stop wooden stairs from creaking. The steps include:

Step 1: Identify the Source of Creaking

You need to identify the part of the stairs that is creaking, and this can be achieved by moving up the stairs step by step.

Ensure you distribute the weight evenly and move around each stair as you pay attention to the sound. Mark the stair, which is producing the creaking noise.

Do this to allowing the stairs in the house before you commence the duty of repairing. You should note that the method of repair tend to differ slightly since it can either be done from top or underneath.

Step 2: Fix Broken Stair Tread

If the noise is emanating from the tread, try to remove it and replace it with another one. Treads are prone to damage due to the frequent feet traffic, and this can make them crack.

However, fitting the stair tread can be a little complicated, especially if you do not have full knowledge of carpentry. Bring on board an expert for assistance.

Step 3: Tighten the Loose Baluster

Loose balusters on the stairs can also cause creaking. You need to fix the issue by tightening them. Use a glue by squeezing it inside the sockets of the baluster both on the top and the bottom so that they are secured well in the position.

Step 4: Replace Broken Riser

Riser tends to support treads. In case of much pressure, they tend to break, and this could be the reason behind the noise.

The best option to consider is replacing the entire riser and also tread if they are both broken. Fixing the issue will help to halt the noise emanating from the area.

Step 5: Fix the Loose Handrail

Poorly fitted handrail tend to be highly susceptible to produce noise due to the vibration brought about the stair movements. Therefore, you will need to reinforce the rail with new hardware and hefty connectors so that they are secured in one position.

Final Remarks

Sometimes fixing the issue on your own can be a nightmare if you lack the skills and knowledge about carpentry. The good news is that there are plenty of carpentry companies around and you can bring on board an expert to offer assistance.

However, you can use the tips highlighted in the post and try to fix out the issue on your own. First, you will be expected to know the design of your wooden stair before fixing the problem.

Do not try and mess up with the stairs. This can pose dangers if they are not fitted well. The best thing to do is to call a professional carpenter and try to learn some few things from him or her. Good Luck!

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