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When you travel with your kids, especially if you are on a long drive, kids become bore during traveling. For kid’s entertainment during traveling, kids use tablets or iPads. Of course, for peaceful traveling, you allow your kids to use the headphones. Other than traveling, you can help your kids during studies through headphones as headphones enable the children to concentrate on study material with focus. Sometimes, in digital classrooms, students require the headphones to concentrate on the lecture because all classrooms are not soundproofed. So, to avoid the noise in a busy classroom, headphones are the only solution.

Headphones for elders are not suitable for kids due to large size. Therefore, you need to purchase special headphones for your kids. Headphones for kids are also durable enough and kids can use the headphones with freedom as they will have a separate set of headphones. This article is highlighting the noise-canceling headphones for kids.

LilGadgets Untangled PRO

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Wireless Headphones for Kids for...


A most comfortable headphone for your kids is LilGadgets Untangled PRO as it is specially designed with SoftTouch breathable mesh material. Its earbuds take care of the children’s soft ear. It’s also of high-quality with offering the connectivity wirelessly through the Bluetooth.

Moreover, this set of headphones is compatible with all Bluetooth devices and manufactured to ensure the durability with maintaining the style. Its battery life is almost 12 hours and standby timings are almost 180 hours.

On getting this headphone, you will receive the USB charging cable with a cable length of 3.5mm. Also, it ensures the 100% satisfaction of its customer due to its quality.

The limit of its maximum audio output is 93 dB that is more than the standard of the industry which is 85 dB. Therefore, its audio is still audible on the plan. Completely suitable for the age group of more than 4 years due to its higher decibel limit. This versatile headphone is available in six different colors.

JLab Audio JBuddies

JLab JBuddies Studio On-Ear Kids Wired Headphones | Toddler...


A set of headphone JLab Audio JBuddies is suitable for the age of more than 2 years. The limit of this headphone is almost 90 dB. Kids can adjust the volume easily as the volume knob is fixed. So, safe volume control can be enjoyed.

On getting this headphone, you will also receive a travel pouch. Its hypoallergenic ear cushions give comfort to the ears of kids so they can use it for a long period. It gives a perfect fit for the ears of children. Even, adults can wear it and use it comfortably.

It comes in three different colors blue, purple, and grey. These colors make it an attractive headphone. Kids will also enjoy the option of JBuddies customization. The customization option allows the kids to make a selection of stickers so they can get the look of headphones in the desired form.

JVC HAKD5Y kidsphone

JVC JVCHAKD5Y HAKD5Y Kidsphone Headphones (Yellow)


An attractive headphone for kids is JVC HAKD5Y kidsphone. Its attractive headphone due to its blue and yellow color. Also, it is compact, therefore, you can carry it easily in a packed travel bag during traveling for your kids. This set of headphones maintains the standard of quality with maintaining superior noise quality.

It is lightweight and comfortable for kids to wear. Its best headphone in implementing the noise-canceling mechanism. Also, it has excellent volume by offering the function of volume limiting. Hence, the sound will not be too loud that ensures the safety of the kid’s eardrum. Plus, little ears of little kids will not be damaged.

Pro Ears ReVo Kids

Pro Ears - ReVO - Hearing Protection - NRR 25 - Youth and...


Another headphone set for the age group 2 years and above is Pro Ears ReVo Kids. This headphone set is available in 13 different colors; you can choose any color according to the choice of your kids. Your kids will feel comfortable after wearing this headphone as it offers adjustable headband. Therefore, it can fit to head of any size.

It offers 25 decibels Noise Reduction Rating that is higher than average Noise Reduction Rating of 21 decibels. Hence, it ensures the hearing protection in a noisy environment. Further, it has no metal part around the ear pads, therefore, it will not injure the ears of the little ones.

Other than the children, it is safe for persons of all age groups. Also, it is multi-purpose as it can be used for different things like traveling, events, or sports.

Baby Banz Earmuffs

Baby BANZ Earmuffs Infant Ear Hearing Protection –...


There is a headphone for the newborns that is Baby Banz Earmuffs. It’s not only for the newborns but it can be used till the age of 2 years. But it is specially designed for newborns. Therefore, it is very lightweight. Due to its lightweight, newborns can wear it for long hours without any problem. It carries a weight of only 6.7 ounces.

Moreover, it ensures the full comfort of the kid by offering the soft padding around the ear cups. Due to its soft padding, most of the parent like to carry it during the traveling for their kids. Its headband is not tight so it will not hurt the head or ears of the kids. Even, its headband is perfectly designed with a nice balance and easy adjustment. Hence, it can be fit to any kid’s head.

Buying Guide

Purchasing headphones for kids is a good idea as you will purchase the headphones that are specially designed for kids. Before purchasing the headphones, you should consider the important number of factors to get the right headphone as per the requirement of the kids.

Most importantly, the comfort level of headphones matters. Don’t spend the money on uncomfortable headphones because your children will discomfort and feel annoyed. To ensure comfort, make sure the headband of the headphone is adjustable and ear cups must be soft enough.

The other thing you should consider is that the headphones are wired or wireless. Wireless headphones are easy to use for kids as they can move freely and have the freedom to move around. If you get wired headphones, then your kids will be bound between the headphone and audio device. So, it is recommended that purchase the wireless headphones. The only problem is that the audio quality may be affected if the headphones are far away from the audio device.

You may need to carry the headphones during traveling, so make sure that the size of the headphones is compact so it can be carried easily in a traveling bag without occupying lots of space. The compact headphone will also easy to wear for kids. Also, make sure that the headphones are light in weight. Therefore, children can wear it for a long time without hurting their ears and heads.

Audio quality is another most important factor in making the overall quality of the headphone. Audio quality differs from model to model. Do not neglect the sound quality when you purchase the headphones. Therefore, care about bass and treble balance.

Also, try to purchase headphone that has a good design so it will be attractive for children. Some model of headphones is really impressive. Stylish outlook makes a perfect headphone.


Is noise-canceling headphones safe for kids?

As an added bonus, noise-canceling headphones for kids give you a break from having to listen to Frozen 2 on repeat, while they can revel in all things Elsa at a safe volume. The higher the rating, the more protection children get.

Why do some children wear headphones?

Earmuffs protect children from loud noises that may bother them or even be harmful to their hearing and attenuate not only bothersome environmental sounds but also human speech. Noise-canceling headphones reduce unwanted ambient sounds using active noise control engineering.

Can 1-year-old use headphones?

Headphones for babies can be difficult to find but Califone 2810-PA may be your solution. These can be used from +1-year-old for most babies, and may be perfect pair of headphones for your child’s first wear.

Why do noise-canceling headphones hurt your ears?

ANC headphones cancel noise by pumping an anti-noise wave into your ears. The feeling of pressure is caused the difference between the air pressure of your inner ears and the air pressure of your environment. If you are at a high altitude, then the air in your ears wants to escape.

How do I check the sound quality?

To check the true quality of an audio file is to run a spectrum analysis. A spectrum analysis is nothing new, what it does is measure the power and magnitude of an input signal versus frequency.

What is a good frequency range for headphones?

A good pair of headphones should be able to easily reduce the audio frequencies between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz. Extended frequency responses may improve the sound quality of the headphones through our sense of feeling.

How do I know if my headphones are good quality?

The higher the impedance of a device, the less current will flow. To achieve maximum power, and in this case, the best sound quality, one must match the impedance of the source to the impedance of the earbuds.

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