Flying one of the quietest drones in the market

Quietest Drones 2020 (The Ultimate Guide for Silent Flying)

Are you in the market for a new drone? It’s a booming industry with a commercial/consumer market worth $2.8 billion in 2020. The market is projected to grow by about 15% over the next decade.

When picking a new silent drone, you have lots of choices like brand, size, motor, features, and price. Another option is one of the quietest drones.

These units are available due to improved tech and heavier materials you can find models today with minimal vibration and noise.

The reasons for picking silent drones vary You might want to do surveillance work with an action camera or simply you prefer noiseless flying.

When picking a new quiet quadcopter, you have lots of choices like brand, size, motor, features, and price. Another option to choose from includes, how loud would you like your drone to be since some people may prefer a loud Quadcopter while others simply enjoy silent noises flying drone.

These units are available due to improved tech and heavier materials you can find models today with minimal vibration and noise.

Regardless of why you’re looking for a quiet drone in 2020, it’s important to sift through the best choices to select the unit that’s right for your needs. I am here to help you pick the best noiseless quadcopter that also fits your budget.
I will provide information including details about different models, product comparisons, and buyer’s guide.

Quietest Drones Comparison Chart

ProductFight TimeGood for
4K Typhoon RTF QuadcopterUp to 25 minutesWork/Project Videos
& Photography
Parrot Mambo Mini Drone Up to 12 MinutesCarrying objects
& Immediate
Mavic Pro Platinum 4K DroneUp to 30 minutesWorking ,
Carrying objects
& Hobby
DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone Up to 20 minutesHome Ariel Photography
Outlaw GPS Quiet Droneup to 30 minutesKids, Beginner Pilots &

Why opt for the Quietest Drone?

Drones are awesome, but most of them tend to make a lot of unnecessary noise, by choosing a quiet drone you eliminate the noise factor when choosing a good drone,  depending what you want to use the drone for, this can be an advantage.

Whether you want a silent drone for work or leisure, a noiseless is desirable and they take great video recordings too, without too much noise disturbance.

Things to Look for When Purchasing a Silent Drone

noiseless photography quad copter with camera

If you’re on the market for the quietest drone here are some key features to keep in mind:

1. Application

Think about what you’ll be using the silent drone for. A hobbyist might just want a basic DIY project. Travelers might want a drone with an action camera to record and document their adventures.

It’s better to pick a unit with all the specs and features you need instead of one with all the latest bells and whistles.

2. Image/Video Quality

If you want to capture images or videos for surveillance, travel, etc. then it’s important to consider the quality. For example, you can find quiet quadcopters with 4K resolution if you want your images/video to be crystal-clear.

Meanwhile, if you just want to snap some photos of a landscape, then such tech won’t really be necessary. Again, think about the drone’s main applications.

3. Motor/Propellers

These are features when looking for a silent quadcopter. Powerful motors provide benefits but also generate more noise. Meanwhile, V-shaped propellers are key to noise management since they deal with air pressure better.

4. Overall Build & Design

You should also consider the silent drone’s overall build. That includes issues like the unit’s design, materials, and craftsmanship. Think about your needs.

If you’re a hobbyist/beginner, then an under-$100 quadcopter would probably be good enough. Meanwhile, if you want to maneuver the unit through heavy winds and mid-air obstacles, then you should consider a sturdier unit. Parrot and DJI are some good options.

A sturdy housing can provide various benefits. It will help to boost the stability and control of the drone and reduce the motor’s noise

Best Quietest Drones and Quadcopters 2020 Reviews

4K Typhoon RTF Quadcopter Drone Bundle (YUNQ4KUS Q500) by Yuneec

(See the Current Price on Amazon)

The O500 Typhoon Quadcopter is easy to fly like other Typhoon drones, In fact, it’s ready to fly out of the box. The unit has also factory-assembled as well as test-flown. So you can fly the unit right out of the box.
The quiet drone features a 240V AC to 12V DC Adapter. This offers more versatility when powering the drone.

The Yuneec  Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter drone includes 11.1V Li-Po battery. This provides the drone with a quality battery.

You can also use the unit to capture 12mp still images and ultra-high definition (UHD) video.
The 4K Typhoon is bundled with:

  • 3-Axis Precision Gimbal
  • Rechargeable battery/Charger
  • Steady Grip
  • CGO3 Camera
  • ST10+ Personal Ground Station
  • A 16GB micro SD card

All of these items add value to the quiet drone. The unit also features various accessories like USB Adapter/Charger, Car Charger, and extra sets of Propellers.


  • Quiet on the floor
  • Video quality good on mobile devices
  • Good for intermediate users
  • Easy to fly in the air
  • Bundled with camera
  • Steady Grip
  • aluminum case
  • Quiet Drones


  • Size isn’t convenient for travel
  • Can’t fly over 26 feet away
  • Images not as good as Phantom 3

Mambo Mini Drone by Parrot

(See Real User Reviews on Amazon)

You can use this low-noise Parrot drones for aerobics like barrel rolls and flips. You can control the mini-drone for up to 20 meters using your mobile phone and up to 65 meters via the Parrot fly pad controller.
The Mambo includes an interface that’s easy to use even for newbie pilots. You can use Bluetooth Low Energy to connect the mobile app to your mini-quadcopter.

Then after you’re connected just pick the piloting method you want and take off. You can use the virtual joystick while in joypad mode. Another option is Accelerometer mode to tilt your phone/tablet in the particular direction you want the Mambo drone to fly.

The Parrot Mambo offers different accessories for different applications. There’s Grabber for catching/carrying/releasing cargo, and Cannon for shooting miniature balls. These add value to the drone by increasing its versatility.

The Parrot Mambo also includes safety features that make the mini drone’s operation better. The advanced and high-performance sensors improve flight control. This makes it easier to pilot/control the quadcopter.

The Parrot Mambo is also equipped with an automated shutdown system. In the case of a crash/collision, it cuts off the motors to help prevent potential safety issues.

There’s also the autopilot functionality that helps the unit remain stable/hover. This is even the case if you let go of the drone’s controls.


  • Easy to fly
  • Affordable price and good value
  • Downward still images
  • Very durable
  • Very stable drone


  • Customer support isn’t good
  • Low-quality rotor
  • Sometimes issues with updates

Mavic Pro Platinum 4K Drone by DJI

(See More on Amazon)

The Mavic Pro Platinum is another quality drone from DJI. The Chinese tech company was founded over a decade in 2006 and is well-known for its unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).
The unit’s perks start with durability. This helps to extend to the lifespan of the unit since it’s built to last. In fact, DJI has become one of the industry’s leaders, so it’s a wise choice for durability.

One of the plusses of this drone model is it can capture ultra-high definition (UHD) images and video. This adds value to the unit since you can share crisp/clean images with your friends and family.

The remote is very compact. This makes it easier to operate, and you won’t have to worry about hauling around extra weight when operating the drone.

The Pro Platinum is powered by a powerful Mavic platinum battery, which gives the drone enough juice for long flights. In fact, the battery is quite powerful considering the drone’s small size.
In fact, the Mavic Pro Platinum is so compact/small you can fit it easily in a messenger/camera bag for easy storage and toting.
The DJI drone also includes various built-in safety features like forwarding obstacle avoidance and automated return-to-home. This helps to keep your drone intact while flying it.


  • Quieter than the original version
  • Very powerful drone for small size
  • Shipping/packaging Signal usually stays strong
  • Captures 4K images/video
  • Great Battery life
  • looks elegant in the air


  • Camera different from other Mavic Pros
  • Many firmware updates
  • Sensors sometimes not precise

Spark Portable Mini Drone by DJI

The DJI Spark includes several features including Intelligent flight Modes that’s smart and intuitive. You can take Quick Shot Videos using one tap. The High-Performance Camera captures incredible images and stable video.
Spark includes a powerful lens that includes little distortion and color aberration. The lens includes a 22mm focal length. 5 elements are arranged into one group and fit into a compressed form.

There’s also a CMOS sensor that lets you shoot stabilized video at full HD, and still images at 12MP. Spark is very sensitive to light and accurately records colors.
This drone includes basic controls. You won’t need a mobile device or remote control in order to take photos. You just have to use hand gestures to snap incredible photos.
There’s also the Go 4 app that lets you edit and share videos. You can use a wide range of filters then share videos on social media after capturing flight video.

Spark detects surfaces that are clearly patterned with enough lighting. This helps to prevent crashes and collisions, which helps to extend the drone’s lifespan.

ActiveTrack recognizes objects automatically. It then tracks them based on the objects and how quickly they’re moving. This makes tracking easier and more accurate.

FaceAware provides Spark with a quick launch through facial recognition. After powering on the drone, it lifts off/hovers in mere seconds.

You can experience worry-free flights with safety features like propeller guards. This helps to extend the lifespan of the propeller and drone.

Another feature is the Mechanical Gimbal Stabilization. This allows you to take shake-free shots when flying the DJI Spark.

Spark also offers excellent flight performance with an immersive experience. That’s through features like Precision Control and high propulsion speed.

TapFly mode can guide your drone by simply tapping your phone screen. The drone then flies in the direction you guide it.


  • Good video quality
  • HDR mode for photography
  • Available with a bundle that includes a controller, battery, bag, and extra propellers
  • Easy to fly Good starter drone
  • the battery life is decent


  • Overall durability isn’t good
  • Relatively high price
  • Warranty issues

Outlaw GPS Drone by Altair Aerial

(Click here to see real user reviews on Amazon)

The Altair Outlaw GPS Drone is loaded with features. It includes remote control via GPS with a range up to 1000m (30000 ft.). It’s a good option for beginners and offers good value for the money.

Altair is based in the US state of Nebraska. The company focuses on values like quality, service, and integrity. The Outlaw uses rechargeable batteries, and you don’t need a smartphone or Wi-Fi in order to fly it.

The RC Quadcopter includes a high-end camera that captures full HD (1080-pixel) images and video. It also features Virtual Reality (VR) and First Person View.
You get a maximum of 20 minutes of flight time on a single charge. The Return Home Feature.

The user can activate the GPS Flight Mode by pressing a button. This keeps the drone 100% stable in the air for easier flight/perfect stability. This helps to capture better images/video from the sky.


  • Long-distance flying
  • Good for beginners
  • GPS return to home feature
  • Good price/value
  • Very clear video


  • Reprogramming often required
  • Sometimes battery won’t charge (Rare)
  • The battery takes 5 hrs to charge
  • not so great battery life compared to others.

Frequently Asked Questions about Silent Drones

Do Drones make noise?

Yes, Drones do make a noise but as you would suspect some drones are quieter than others just like the ones I covered above,  they usually produce twice the amount of noise that you would typically hear from car exhaust.

That is why picking quiet drones can be the best choice.

How can I make my Drone quieter?

There are a few things that you can try to make your drone other than getting a quiet drone, this includes:

  • You want to actively lower the noises from the propellers of your drone
  • Lower the noises from main motors of your drone, DJI Mavic pro platinum does this beautifully
  • Try Noise Reduction shrouds
  • Make use of the propellers that spin slow

Can you hear a Drone at 400 feet?

As you know drones have restrictions with regards to how high they can fly legally and the maximum height for a drone is 400 feet with that said most drones flying that high usually makes lesser noise, you are very unlikely to get distracted by the sound. drones with brushless motors are more noiseless due to the ability that brushless motors posses. the noise levels for any drones including the ones with brushless motors flying at 400 feet, the sound heard is minimal

Final Verdict on the Quietest Drone

Camera drone which doesn't make noise

I have just reviewed some of the top silent drones on the market. They all have noteworthy features, but I can only pick one quiet drone as the best of the best. It’s a tough choice since they all have features and benefits worth noting.

Here’s My pick for the best model: Spark Portable Mini Drone by DJI. This drone is very affordable for most people but is loaded with features. The Intelligent Flight Mode offers smart/intuitive Quick Shot Videos. The camera captures high-quality images and videos.

That’s due to features like the stabilized gimbal camera. You just have to make a few taps on your mobile devices to capture video. You can then share with friends and family after editing with various filters.

Spark also offers various features that offer more control of the drone’s speed, direction, etc. It’s easy to control the drone by using hand gestures to take photos. You don’t even need a mobile device or remote control.
For example, the unit’s ActiveTrack feature recognized objects of various shapes/sizes. It then tracks them easier and more effectively.

The bottom line is DJI’s Spark mini drone is easily our pick for a gold star among the quietest drones. IA says that loud and clear!

If you found this article helpful be sure to check out some of my latest posts about soundproofing your home, vehicle or appliances.

If you have any questions regarding quadcopters feel free to ask me using the form on this website.

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