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Top 5 Quiet Leaf Blowers 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

If leaves have taken over your yard and raking isn’t for you, it’s time to blow them away. Not clearing them will not only create an eyesore but it can decompose with moisture creating unpleasant smells and attract pests.

Fortunately, there are a lot of leaf blowers in the market, each with different advantages. This guide will help you choose the blower that’s right for your job.

The Different Types of Leaf Blowers

Handheld Leaf Blowers:

They can usually tackle most jobs as they are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Designed to be used with one hand, they are common and versatile.

Handheld blowers are powered one of three ways:

1. Gasoline:

Other methods usually don’t stand a chance competing with a gasoline blower in terms of sweeping away leaves and debris. However, they can be noisy and will require maintenance

2. Corded electric:

If the farthest distance of your cleanup job is within about 100 feet of a power outlet, consider an electric handheld model. They’re the least expensive and they’re also lightweight, emissions-free, and easy to start.

3. Battery:

If you still want the convenience of a handheld without the gasoline maintenance, a battery-powered handheld blower is a good option. They cannot match the capabilities of a gas-powered leaf blower or even electric ones as they are limited by the charge of the battery.

Backpack Leaf Blowers:

If you’re using a leaf blower for a long period of time, you can consider using a gasoline backpack blower.

Usually, they are heavier than handheld leaf blowers but the load will be on your back and shoulders. They don’t’ require as much maintenance as a gas-powered leaf blower.

Wheeled Leaf Blowers:

Wheeled units are priced high, noisy and are heavy making maneuvering difficult. However, their power and blowing capabilities are worth the hassle, especially if you need it for commercial jobs or large areas.

They can handle not only leaves but also cardboard, solid debris, and even metal trimmings.

Top 5 Quiet Leaf Blowers in 2020 Reviews.

1. Kobalt 80-Volt Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Leaf Blower

This Kobalt KHB offers great specifications with a large 80-volt battery, 500-CFM air volume, and lightweight of 10 lb. You might think that the high power may reveal itself with a loud noise, but I found this to be amongst the quietest leaf blowers tested.

The Kobalt allows for variable-speed which gives you more control and the cruise control feature maintains the speed without keeping your finger on the button. A high-velocity Axial fan delivers 120-MPH which is a lot of power to move leaves and debris.

As with most electric leaf blowers, the Kobalt KHB has a push-button for an effortless start, so you can get to work in no time This leaf blower has 3 modes with variable speeds with the first being very slow to be of much use but the second being standard and the third operating as fast as any gas-powered blower.

Many customers found that they could move twigs, pine cones, fallen branches, and even light snow. However, the high setting leaves the battery life to about 30-40 minutes while the slow setting can last up to 70 minutes.


  • Works as well as a gas-powered leaf blower.
  • Auto shut-off feature.
  • Almost noiseless and odorless.
  • Can blow off wet leaves, twigs, branches, and even snow.
  • Ergonomic and lightweight.


  • The battery life in the third setting lasts only for 30-40 minutes.

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2. Toro 51621 Leaf Blower

This is an electric leaf blower that can match even the big backpack blowers in terms of power. The Toro comes in a kit of accessories for mulching and bagging meaning you can do all kinds of jobs with this one unit.

You can collect dry and wet leaves and shred them into mulch. The Shredz ring can reduce the mulch to almost half an inch while the oscillating nozzle can let you clean narrow areas.

It also comes with a leaf collection bag that is attached to the vacuum with a zip tie. This bag can be emptied easily.

Although corded, it comes with a 50-foot extension cord so you will be able to reach most areas in and around the power socket. The Toro has no problem blowing away bigger debris and matted leaves from lawns and concrete.

The Toro comes with an impact-resistant impeller inside the body which takes the pressure of gravel, stones, twigs that are sucked in, ensuring that the machine has a long lifespan.

With a speed of 250 mph of wind, it can take on large amounts of debris. It also has standard features of speed control and a storage hook for easy storage. Your neighbors will definitely appreciate you using the Toro as it runs incredibly quietly.


  • Good value for money.
  • Airspeed is high allowing it to take on large amounts of leaves and debris quickly.
  • Almost noiseless from a distance.
  • It comes with an attachment kit that can handle a variety of tasks.
  • Speed Variability and attachments can help remove debris from narrow areas.


  • Transitioning from blower to vacuum could be made easier.
  • The mulching attachment has a tendency to get clogged.

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3. Husqvarna Backpack Blower

This Husqvarna 350BT backpack leaf blower is lightweight at 14.9 pounds. But it does not skimp in quality as it does well at sweeping leaf piles and loosening matted leaves.

It’s high air velocity and strong airflow enables ease of cleanup anywhere. Customers have also found it useful to remove light snow.

It comes with a hip belt that is comfortable and reduces the pressure of the load. Being portable, this is a good choice to use in gutters and rooftops. At 91 dB, it is quiet enough not to bother your neighbors but we would still recommend that the user use ear protection.

The 350BT has an ergonomic design and a low vibration technology that minimized the shock to your hands, allowing you to use the unit for longer.

It has a cruise control feature to set the fan speed as per your requirement, an air purge system that removes air from the carburetor for quick start and an adjustable tube length which reduces the stress of vibrations.

These features make this unit a good option for homeowners with big plots that require a lot of landscaping. The 350BT claims to be earth-friendly as it uses the patented engine technology, X-Torq. This reduces emissions by up to 60% and increases fuel efficiency by 20%.

While this reduces your carbon footprint greatly, it also increases the unit’s run time. As is the case with gas blowers, the 350BT  has a two-stroke engine that requires mixing gas and oil.


  • Removes leaves and other debris quickly.
  • Removed embedded material, such as leaf particles, from grass quickly.
  • Easy to handle and control.
  • Fairly noiseless when heard from a distance.
  • It has more than one speed for better control in tight areas.


  • Useful for right-handed users only.
  • Some customers have had trouble starting the device even though it has a choke.

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4. Greenworks 40V Lithium-Ion Axial Blower

We found the battery-powered Greenworks leaf blower to be well designed and capable of generating an impressive amount of power.

Greenworks claims that this unit emits 50% less noise and vibration compared to gas powered blowers.

The battery run time is standard and can be used for 60-70 minutes on a full charge. There is an LED display that shows you the amount of battery available at that point, which is a unique feature. It offers both a vacuuming and a leaf blowing feature plus mulching capabilities.

It comes with a zipper bag attachment which some customers claimed held 4.5 bags worth of debris. However, it is a bit difficult to see when the bag is full so some guesswork has to be done.

The Greenworks features a standard cruise control feature that locks the variable speed to a fixed speed. Customers found this easy to set and unlock by pulling the throttle.

It comes in six-speed levels with the maximum at 185 MPH performing as well as a gas-powered leaf blower. For its lightweight at 6 lbs, the power is really impressive.

If you want to avoid lugging an extension cord or deal with the odor of fuel, this electric handheld blower is a good choice.

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  • Lightweight but powerful.
  • The 4-LED display shows the battery levels.
  • It comes with a battery charger, a 2.5Ah battery.
  • Easy to assemble with its snap-on parts.


  • If the cruise control is on while installing the battery, the blower will start. This can be dangerous if you’re not careful.

5.  Black & Decker LSWV36

The Black & Decker LSWV36 does the basics and more with its leaf blowing functionality with vacuum, anti-vibration and cushioned handles. Being powered by electricity, there are no annoying cords that add extra weight.

The battery is a 36-volt lithium-ion one that is recharged in one hour. This technology improves the runtime and helps the battery last longer. Weighing at just 4.7 pounds, this leaf blower is a good ergonomic choice for most people.

The Black & Decker LSWV36 leaf blower lets you clear debris from your yard without putting excess strain on your body. While not as powerful as gasoline leaf blowers, the Black & Decker can reach air speeds of 120 mph which is enough to blow a pile of debris with ease.

The yard tool is padded at the handle and uses anti-vibration technology to make it comfortable to use over a long or continuous period.

A bonus feature is a built-in scraper in the blow tube that loosens stubborn and matted debris so that you can use the vacuum without putting the blower down.

Being electric, the noise level is very manageable with this leaf blower rated at 66 dBA. It is not that loud enough that will disturb the neighbors but we will still recommend wearing ear protection while using. We found the Black & Decker leaf blower to be ideal for clearing patios, decks, walkways, lawns, and garages.


  • It also vacuums and mulches leave.
  • Affordable.
  • Lightweight with a soft handle.


  • Some found the power not strong enough to blow wet leaves.
  • Not recommended for use indelicate.

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Important things that you should consider before buying a Silent Leaf Blower.

1. Noise Levels:

If you live in a residential area, you wouldn’t want to use a loud machine for regular tasks like cleaning your gutter or lawn.

Not only can you alienate your neighbours but you may also face peace disturbance charges. Check the decibel levels of the leaf blower before you purchase them so you are prepared beforehand.

2. Power:

You will need to check the CFM (cubic-feet-per-minute) and MPH (miles-per-hour) values of your unit. A high MPH means the will come out faster from the barrel.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the blowing power will be high. CFM is the volume of air that flows out of the leaf blower’s tube in one minute. This can tell you how far it can push the debris in an area.

3. Battery Life:

If you plan on using leaf blowers for small jobs, this is not an issue but if the area is vast, you will need something that can last you for the entire job. Some electric leaf blowers have fast charging capabilities which is a nice-to-have feature.

4. Comfort :

Another factor to consider before purchasing a leaf blower is its comfort. You might think that this is a vanity metric, however, if you plan to use it for long periods, you should make sure the unit will not cause injury.

If you feel that your balance is shaky, look for a leaf blower with an ergonomic handgrip that can distribute the weight better.

5. Reduction Ratio:

If you’re looking for a leaf blower with mulching capabilities, then you will find this ratio useful. It will tell you how effectively the unit can convert leaves into much.

Answered Questions on Leaf Blowers

Why are leaf blowers so loud?

It is harder to make an extremely silent leaf blower due to how it works, the noise in a leaf blower is not caused by the leaf blower itself but the air that comes out, the air is very fast and dense and as a result, it makes some noise.

Is a leaf blower worth it?

When thinking about doing the job manually, it will take you a long time to complete the same amount of work that a leaf blower can complete in minutes.

The power generated by the air makes it easier and faster to clean up the leaves in your yard.

Final Thoughts on the quietest leaf blower

Choosing the best noiseless leaf blower can be challenging, that is why I wrote this comprehensive guide, I hope you found value in it. Click here for more content on quieting your home.

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