The 7 Best Quiet Turbo Trainers For Silent Indoor Training

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Turbo trainers give you a way to get a training session on your bike within the comfort of your home. Additionally, you can avoid heavy traffic and bad weather on the open road. The only problem of the turbo trainer is the noise created by the rollers of the turbo trainer. Even, it creates lots of vibrations that can disturb the flatmates or neighbors.

The solution for your silent indoor training is the selection of the quiet turbo trainer. It’s a good option for you to invest in the quiet turbo trainer because a quiet turbo trainer is designed to minimize the noise and vibrations. Hence, you will be in a position not to disturb your family members or flatmates during the training session.

This article is highlighting the best quiet turbo trainers for your silent indoor training. You can go through these reviews to choose the one as per your requirement.

Quick Answer: The Top Quiet Turbo Trainers for Training

Quietest Turbo Trainer Reviews

#1. Tacx Neo Quiet Turbo Trainer

A super quiet turbo trainer is Tacx Neo. It’s super quiet as it does not exceed 80 decibels, just create the noise of 68.5 decibels. Also, no belt and roller are used in it that play a vital role in its quietness. Therefore, you can maintain a peaceful environment of your home and continue your training session by using this turbo trainer.

Moreover, this turbo trainer allows you to enjoy the training session with stability as it has a solid frame that provides stability. With this turbo trainer, you can enjoy the simulation of a realistic outdoor ride and will be able to train yourself with indoor cycling just like an expert. This turbo trainer creates a sensation of outdoor cycling. Plus, you can get the experience of cycling over the different surfaces due to its surface feature.

#2. JetBlack Whisper Drive

Jet Black Whisperdrive Electromagnetic Smart Trainer:...
1 Reviews
Jet Black Whisperdrive Electromagnetic Smart Trainer:...
  • Jet Black Whisperdrive Electromagnetic Smart Trainer Includes APP Program

Get real road training with JetBlack Whisper Drive. It is also quiet in its performance as its noise rating is from 66 decibels to 70 decibels at the output power of 300 watts. Magnetic drive mechanism is used in it which helps you out to attach the bike to the trainer by removing the back wheels. Hence, it creates minimum noise of the vibrations to ensure the quietness inside the home. You may hear a little bit of noise but the noise you hear will be generated from its gears and chain. Even you can watch TV during your cycling as this turbo motor will not distract you due to its noise. It’s a special turbo trainer for special cyclist.

Further, you can get help in training through its training app as it is full of features to behave more like a trainer. Therefore, this turbo trainer is a good option for you in choosing the best quiet turbo trainer.

#3. Kinetic Kurt 2

Kinetic by Kurt Rock and Roll Smart 2
48 Reviews
Kinetic by Kurt Rock and Roll Smart 2
  • Patented frame mimics real-road movement
  • Progressive fluid resistance for a quiet, realistic ride
  • Compatible with apps like Kinetic Fit, Swift, Trainer Road, and Fit on operating on...

A cheaper and inexpensive turbo trainer that is within your budget range is Kinetic Kurt 2, less expensive in comparison to the other turbo trainers. It’s not only cheaper but also quiet at the same time as its noise rating is almost 69.5 decibels.

In this turbo trainer, the mechanism of fluid-filled cylinder drive is used. You can feel real road movement due to its patented frame mimics. Additionally, you are on edge to enjoy a realistic ride with its progressive fluid resistance. It provides an ease to its user to use flywheel as flywheel weight is only 6.25 pounds.

#4. Elite Kura

Elite Kura Smart Trainer, Black
20 Reviews
Elite Kura Smart Trainer, Black
  • Integrated Optical Torque System (OTS) power meter is certified to be accurate to...
  • Direct Drive fluid trainer with 4.5 Kg internal flywheel for ultra smooth pedaling
  • Folds down for easy portage and storage

A turbo trainer that uses magnetic resistance is Elite Kura. It is considered best in the market due to offering direct drive training. It does not exceed the noise rating of more than 61 decibels. Therefore, it’s not only the best but also quiet in its performance. Even, it makes very little noise at high intensities, henceforth, it is in the list of quietest turbo trainer.

Moreover, it gives smart pedaling due to its flywheel. The weight of its flywheel is almost 4.5 kg. Optical Torque System is integrated into this turbo trainer. You will have the ease to store this turbo trainer because it is a foldable turbo trainer. After using it, you can place it in a small place.  The internal generator is mounted in it, therefore, no need for the external power to operate it.

#5. Cascade Fluid

Cascade Health & Fitness Fluidpro Bike Trainer,...
22 Reviews
Cascade Health & Fitness Fluidpro Bike Trainer,...
  • It's compact and light weight design offer incredible stability and reliability
  • Heavier Flywheel For Better Performance
  • Smooth Progressive Resistance

A turbo trainer with a noise rating of 83 decibels is Cascade Fluid. The category of this turbo trainer is fluid. Fluid turbo trainers are quieter as they dampen the vibrations passes to the trainer. It keeps the low noise level at a reasonable price. It is considered as the cheaper turbo trainer as it is not costly like other turbo trainers.

Keep in mind, ensure your central point on your bike because it’s not a stable turbo trainer. Hence, you can use it with stability by maintaining your own central point. Additionally, it is light in its weight, so you can carry it easily. It gives optimum performance due to its heavier flywheel.

#6. Elite Turbo Muin II

A turbo trainer that can connect with third-party apps is Elite Turbo Muin II. You can connect with the third-party app using the on-bike power meter. The apps with which you can connect this turbo trainer are Zwift and Trainer Roads. Its flywheel gives quiet performance due to the use of fluid technology. You can get the experience of a realistic ride by adjusting its resistance.

You can also fold it to store it in a small place as it allows you to fold this turbo trainer after using it.  By using this turbo trainer, you can enjoy the smart features.

#7. Saris CycleOps M2 Smart

Saris M2 Smart Indoor Electromagnetic Resistance Bike...
415 Reviews
Saris M2 Smart Indoor Electromagnetic Resistance Bike...
  • Whether you want to attend a group ride in Zwift, climb the Dolomites in Rouvy or...
  • +/- 5% accurate power readings
  • Controlled, electromagnetic resistance provides a precise workout every time; capable...

A turbo trainer that is much competitive with expensive turbo trainers at a low price is Saris CycleOps M2 Smart. In using this turbo trainer, you can get the electromagnetic resistance for your work out with the power reading to +/- 5% accuracy. It can fire up to 1500 W.

The internal cooling system is used in it that prevents overheating at a 15% gradient. Therefore, when you ride over it, it flows the cool air.

Moreover, you will have the advantage to connect it with indoor cycling apps with meeting the Bluetooth standards. You can get to know the speed and power data without using the external sensors.

Buying Guide

Turbo trainers allow you to enjoy the outdoor cycling inside the home by attaching the rear wheels of the cycle with the turbo trainer. With indoor training, you can ensure your fitness without any risk. Your selection should be wise in selecting a turbo trainer for your indoor training.

Most importantly, consider a turbo trainer that is quiet in its performance because you should not disturb to others just because of your training. Make sure the noise rating of your selected turbo trainer may vary between the 60 to 70 decibels.

Different types of turbo trainers exist like magnetic resistance, fluid resistance, or wind resistance. Select the type of turbo trainer according to your requirement. So, get the detail of each type and then proceed to buy.

You have to attach your turbo trainer with your bike so make sure that the attachment process should be easier for you.

You may also need to move your turbo trainer. Therefore, a portable turbo trainer will be easier for you to move. Additionally, consider the weight of the turbo trainer so you can carry it easily. You can also fold the turbo trainer after use. Therefore, you can store it in a small place if you select a foldable turbo trainer.

The turbo trainer that you select should have leveling screws so you will be able to adjust the stability.


How do I make my turbo trainer quieter?

The best option is to use a special training tire specifically made for wheel-on trainers. These slick tires are made from a different rubber compound and will not only minimize contact noise but will also reduce wear. In addition, it prevents slippage because of the extra grip.

How does turbo trainer work?

Turbo trainers clamp around the quick release skewer of a bike’s rear wheel, suspending it in an A-frame. Once in position, the frame sets the rear tire on a roller so that as you pedal, your rear wheel spins and the roller turns too.

Can I use a normal tire on a turbo trainer?

You shouldn’t use turbo trainer specific tires on the road. The compound is hard and non-grippy to make them more robust on the trainer.

Should I buy a turbo trainer?

Turbo trainers also offer the benefit of staying out of conditions that can be plain unsafe during a winter season. You can keep yourself safe from the cold and flu. At the same time, you can protect yourself from bacteria by keeping your turbo trainer clean.

Do I need a spare wheel for turbo trainer?

The trainer will destroy your tire in no time, so its option for you to keep a spare wheel for your turbo trainer. As for your never having changed a wheel before, watch a bike race and you will see how time consuming it is.

Are fluid or magnetic trainers better?

Magnetic trainers are simpler than fluid trainers and because of fluid trainers’ potential for leakage, are slightly more dependable. The ride provided by a fluid trainer is more road-like in feel than that of the magnetic trainer thanks to its progressive resistance.

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