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Best Silent Gaming Mouse 2020

The sound of constant mouse clicking is annoying. If you are a gamer, you tend to be so cut-off from the world around you because of the intensity of the games.

Such a situation requires you to have your own space which is difficult with a noisy mouse. You might end up disturbing everyone around you with the constant sounds of a mouse without even realizing it.

The people around you will complain and you may e forced to stay away in your room. Gaming does not have to limit you because a silent gaming mouse is here for you.

A silent gaming mouse will let everyone around living in peace without necessarily isolating yourself. However considering the flooded market, searching for a perfect quiet gaming mouse that fits your needs is not easy.

I have gathered a list of the five best quiet gaming mice for you to make this process easier for you. But before we look at these mice lets first look at what you should consider before you buy a mouse.

Why You Should Use a Quiet Gaming Mouse

Gaming is an incredible experience that is hard to define to a none gamer, some people use an ordinary mouse which is okay, but the experience is not the same as using a mouse that is designed specifically for gaming.

Most gaming mice tend to be a tad noisy if you are living with someone else who isn’t a gamer can find the mouse clicking noise unpleasant.

So, by opting for a good silent gaming mouse, you eliminate some of the factors that can contribute towards making the games you play enjoyable.

Top 5 Silent Gaming Mouse in 2020 Comparison Chart.

Mice NameConnectivity Price & Image
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum silent gaming
See the Current Price on Amazon
Fome Wireless Quietest Gaming MouseWireless$$
See the Current Price on Amazon
Tenmos K96 Wired Gaming Mouse Silent ClickWiredSee the Image Amazon
VicTsing Silent Gaming mousewirelessSee the Image on Amazon
Pictek 2.4G Wireless Silent Click Gaming MouseWireless$$
See the Current Price on Amazon

What you should consider when purchasing a silent gaming mouse.

1. Shape and weight

Most gaming mice allow you to customize them to your desired needs. The size and weight features are not left behind.

Some mice will enable you to change the height and pitch of the palm rest. Customizing the mouse gives you a better experience since you get comfortable while using it.

You will also have more fun while using your own customized mouse because of the pride that comes with it. It gives a gamer a touch of reality.

2. Polling rate

If you are a gamer, you want to have a mouse that responds quickly and efficiently. A slow mouse will give you challenging gaming experience.

You do not want to crash or be dead in a game or the time. It’s not fun. The most gaming mouse comes with an option to customize the polling rates of your mouse.

Some mouse has polling rates of up to 1000Hz. A response rate of 500Hz is recommended since a higher polling rate uses up your CPU.

3. Dots per Inch (DPI)

It’s important to consider the sensitivity of the mouse you are purchasing. While a high sensitivity is not stable hence not recommended, it detects even the slightest movement on your screen making the gaming experience better. However many gaming mice come with adjustable sensitivity buttons that allow you to choose what works for you best.

4. Design

Considering the design of a mouse is essential. A good design should make you feel comfortable while using it allows you to have better control.

Such a mouse will make you want to game all day long since they are gentle on your hands. A right finger balance is one of the features to consider on your mouse.

The LED light designs on a mouse is beautiful to look at hence more fun. You do not want to purchase a mouse that is boring and makes you feel tired all the time.

5. Functionality

Functionality is one of the critical factors that should not be ignored. You should check the functions of the mouse and compare it with your personal preferences.

This will make you choose the best mouse for you. The gaming mouse world provides many features when it comes to functionality.

The optical or the laser gaming mouse has infrared technology that provides illumination. It allows you to operate from a distance hence very convenient.

6.Wired or Wireless

You should consider the wireless or wired options in a mouse. The wired mouse has a cable connecting it to the computer. It means you will have to deal with wires.

It is also very convenient as it does not lose its sensitivity. A wireless mouse allows you to move around with it, but it loses connectivity depending on the required radius.

Silent Gaming Keyboard in 2020 Reviews

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

It has an advanced optical gaming sensor of PMW 3366 introduced in 2014. It’s very comfortable to use since it fits comfortably on the hand and can be moved around hence very mobile.

It’s DPI has 5 different features of up to 1200 DPI. Its tension-Es button makes it easy to click

.The RGD lighting allows you to change the color of the Logitech logo and DPI lighting. However, when you turn the color of the one, you also change the other since they are single zones only.

It has a free-spinning wheel which is great for fun while gaming. It can tilt to the left or right and can e reprogrammed. It also requires a 1A battery. It is suitable for right-handed users.

It has a reasonable weight of 4.3 ounces. Some users have complained about the weight being heavy while others do not mind at all. It’s compatible with windows and IOS operating systems. It has 11 buttons that can be reprogrammed.

Foam 1720 Wireless Quietest Gaming Mouse

This wireless mouse helps you get rid of the annoying tangled wires and irritating clicking noise.

It’s best for the right hand. It allows you to put in 2 AAA Alkaline batteries that have a battery life of up to 20 months of battery life with a LED indicator that warns you when the charge is low.

The cells are bought separately though. The batteries are purchased separately. It comes with a small US receiver that provides 360 degrees and 98 ft working radius that provides a more accurate gaming experience.

It has reduced sounds of up to 95% allowing you to game everywhere without disturbing others around you. This mouse weighs about 75g which is pretty light for your gaming experience.

This lightweight experience allows you to game for a longer time with less stress on your hand. It also has a mouse resolution of 1000/1600/2400 DPI. The 250Hz polling rate makes data transfer between the computer and the mouse easy and quick.

It’s compatible with Windows and Mac operating system enabled devices. It also features the scroll wheel, right and left clicks buttons and forward/backward buttons on the left. Its design has an anti-friction surface that makes it easier to use the mouse and improves grip.

TENMOS K85 Wired Gaming Mouse Silent Click

The Tenmos K96 wired gaming mouse has an ergonomic design that allows it to fit naturally in your hand.

It minimizes hand exhaustion and maximizes hands comfort. It has a left and right button.

These buttons have a silent design that helps you to keep focused on your work hence building a quiet atmosphere. It is compatible with most systems with the USB port by directly plugging in.

It has 4 adjustable DPI levels that are available 1200/1600/2400/3200 DPIs.

This lets you get high accuracy and consistent responsiveness effortlessly. It’s compatible with Windows and Linux. It also gives the freedom to program six of its buttons though installing software provided y the manufacturer upon request.

It also has LED lighting that has four different colors, but you only get to use one specific color. It does not allow you to choose the LED color manually. You just turn it on by pressing the DPI + back button to turn it on and DPI +Forward button to turn it on.

VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

If you are looking for the quietest mouse, the VicTsing silent gaming mouse is the best for you.

It is generally referred to as the quietest mouse by its users. It gives you control with its 5 adjustable DPIs of 800/1200/1600/2000/2400 with 1200DPI as the default allowing you to quickly change its sensitivity.

With every change of the DPI, the LED indicator will flash while changing the DPI. It uses one AA battery and turns into the power-saving mode with every 8 minutes of inactivity.

This is a relief for you will not have to worry about battery life if you leave it unattended. It lasts for up to one year with the LED backlighting off.

It also supports a stable and secure experience with its 10 meters transmission range. It has a polling rate of 125Hz to 250 Hz that enables fast transmission speed.

It also has an extra Mouse On with LED light, Mouse Off and Mouse Off without Led Light button at the bottom. It has six programmable buttons and is compatible with Windows and Mac Os operating systems.

It has a one month warranty. Its ergonomic design makes it sweat-resistant and anti-fingerprint hence very comfortable to use. It also has an anti-slip rubber scroll wheel that makes it steady to use and not to slip while you are gaming.

PICTEK Wireless Gaming Mouse Silent Click

This silent click gaming mouse is perfect for playing entry level casual games. Its ergonomic design makes it enjoyable to use, provides excellent hand feeling and minimizes hand fatigue.

This encourages usage over an extended period. It has fie adjustable DPI levels. These levels are available from800/1200/1600/2000/2400 DPI.

Its two buttons make it easy to adjust the DPI hence high accuracy and resistant responsiveness of any speed. To save on energy this gaming mouse has an auto-sleeping feature.

If you do not use the mouse for up to 8minutes, it goes on sleep mode. Pressing any of its buttons will awaken it. It also features a switch button control at the bottom. This button has three uses. It switches on with/without and switches the mouse off with the LED light.

It lets you use the right and left buttons that are silent; hence you will note disturbing others when gaming. The Pcktek2.4 G wireless silent clicking mouse boasts of fast data transmission, precise track, and stable connection. It allows a working distance of 50ft/15mworkingdistance.

It will let you experience great gaming, minimum dropouts, and interference and eliminates delay. It’s compatible with most systems including Linux, Mac, and Windows while the side buttons do not work on Mac OS.

It has a polling rate of up to 250Hz that provide stable movement and reliable connectivity. It has an AA battery that lasts throughout the year. It has a 12 months warranty and a 30- day money return policy. It also comes with a USB receiver.

Final Thoughts on the best silent gaming mouse 2020

Gaming with a silent mouse allows you to not disturb those around you. Purchasing a mouse that was made specifically for gaming will give you more freedom and fun as compared to the general mouse.

I prefer Tenmos K96 because it supports both the left and right hands. It has a high sensitivity rate of up to 3200DPIs, LED lighting and Suitable design that enhances the look of the mouse and makes it durable and easy to use.

This makes it easy to use and best suited for gaming if you are also on the lookout for the best quiet keyboard for gaming click here.

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