How To Soundproof Car Doors: Complete Sound Deadening Guide

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Vehicle doors can be really loud and annoying whether you are opening, closing or through noise coming in while you drive. This article will show you exactly how to soundproof a car door fast and easy.

Having a rattling car door is also one of the common problems car owners have. fortunately, this is pretty simple to fix and you should be able to sound deaden your car door in less than an hour.

Required Material:

There are a few things you need to have in order to reduce unwanted noise. Fortunately, it is very cheap to do it and you can start right away(If you already have the material skip ahead).

Door Sound-Absorbing Material:

  1.  Self-adhesive Sound-absorbing Mat/ Tape (I recommend Thick Noico 80 Mil)
  2.  A screwdriver( any screwdriver will work as long as it can open your door panel).

That’s it! so you basically need only two things to start to noise-proof your car doors.

Now that you got all the required materials and tools, it is time to start with the soundproofing process.

Steps to Required:

Before we start doing that I just want to inform you that although the process may seem overwhelming, it is really easy and you can do it( if I did it, you can too)

1. Remove the Car Door Panel.

In order to successfully remove the door panel you first need to remove anything that is holding it back( don’t worry I cover that in detail to help you understand it.

  1. Open the car door
  2.  Remove the door latch( simply open it and you will see a screw untie that)
  3.  Remove the door handle( you will find screws underneath it remove them)
  4.  If there any electronics, carefully disconnect them.
  5.  Now simply unscrew the door panel screws using a screwdriver.
  6. Carefully pull out the door panel.

2. Partially Take Off the Seal.

After taking off the Door panel you should see a seal. Most cars(if not all) have a protective seal, now you have to partially remove the seal using any razor blade( Don’t unplug the airbag).

Start at the top and use the razor blade to slight remove the seal until you have enough space to add the sound dampening material.

3. Insert the Sound Deadening Tape.

Now after you slightly removed the seal you should have space on your vehicle door to use the self-adhesive Tape.

The reason why I really like Noico tape is that of its thickness, unlike other noise-proofing mats, Noico is twice as thick

Now all you have to do is stick the tape in every inch of space you find on the door. If you are really looking for a cheaper alternative to Noico I would recommend Hushmat).

4. Test the Door.

This step is pretty self-explanatory. All you have to do is test the car door if the is any noise when you knock on it. If you followed the process correctly the car door right it should have a massive difference to the noise it makes.

Congratulations! you have done it, you now have a sound dampened door if you open and close it, it should sound and feel like a solid door unlike before when it sounded really light and loud like a tin can.

5. Stick the Sound Dampening Tape on the Back of the Door Panel (optional).

You can apply the tape at the back of the door panel to sound insulate the interior doors of your car and this will help strengthen the effectiveness and will drastically reduce the car door noise.

6. Replace the Door Panel.

Now all you have to do is replace the door panel and all the components to where it was before.

7. Apply this Soundproofing Method to all your Vehicle Doors.

Now repeat the same process to sound insulate all your car doors, Luckily you will only need one tape for all doors of your car.

How to Install the Sound Deadener on your Vehicle Doors

Installing the foam is pretty much simple and straightforward as I showed you above. However, if you are not a really handy person and need a little bit of help. This video should help you.

Is Noise-Proofing your Car Doors Worth it?

This is one of the most common questions I get a lot, and the answer is really simple, Yes! noise-proofing your vehicle doors not only will reduce the loud noise it makes when opening and closing your car but will dramatically reduce the overall car road noise and also great for car door insulating.

Final thoughts

I really hope you found this article really helpful and easy enough to encourage you to do it. I promise you it is worth every penny.

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