How To Soundproof A Garden Shed: 5 Simple Steps

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In this article, I will show you easy steps you can do right now to soundproof a shed.

After reading this guide, you will have a clear idea of things to do to significantly reduce sounds and noises without spending a fortune or wasting time.

Why Soundproofing a Shed is Necessary

Although many people use sheds for storage purposes, a shed can also be a quiet place for you to do some work or relax.

Soundproofing a shed will help create a quieter environment for you to enjoy and be productive in. Although you can’t fully soundproof a shed, the methods below will help reduce the noise dramatically.

Here are 5 easy steps to Soundproof your Shed

1. Soundproof the shed Windows

The best place to start is with the windows, for obvious reasons including the fact that they are not acoustically treated and windows contain a lot of gaps which invites outside noises and also lets internal sounds escape.

Fortunately, sound dampening your windows doesn’t take much effort and it’s pretty affordable too. Here are the few things you can do to soundproof the windows in your shed.

Add Soundproof Curtains

As the name suggests these curtains are meant to absorb sounds and echoes, they are really heavy and dense which allows and waves to be absorbed, both internal and external noises.

These curtains work really well and should help reduce noises coming out and also block the sounds attempting to enter.

There are a lot of curtains that claim to be sound absorbing, but honestly, most of them are not as effective. The ones I recommend are Nice-Town Noise Reducing Thermal Curtains.

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These are not just sound dampening drapes, they look pretty stunning too, Really it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Seal the windows using Weatherstrips

Since you know that a window has so many gaps, it’s best to start sealing them using weatherstrips which are created specifically to close off gaps.

Weatherstrips are pretty simple to use and very cheap. They are self-adhesive too, so you don’t have to waste time and money on finding the right adhesive.

All you have to do is get the right ones and start closing off the gaps to prevents sounds from entering and leaving the shed.

Window Plug

Alternatively, you can create your own window plus as a DIY project using soundproofing materials. This is a bit cheaper but takes a lot of time to do and also if you don’t get it right, then you literally wasted some cash and time along the way.

Attach Plastic Sheets

Since windows are thin, it might be a great idea to double up on the density to help dampen some of that sound. The better way to do it would be to get some plastic sheets and stick them using adhesive to create layers.

2. Soundproof the Shed Door

The next step is to sound dampen the door, unfortunately, there are limited things we can do other than getting a purchasing an acoustically treated one.

Luckily the things I am about to show you works like magic, no need to upset your wallets.

Soundproof Door Weatherstripping Kit

Don’t let the name confuse you, this is exactly like the same weatherstrips you use for windows, except that these ones are created for doors.

Weatherstripping your door will help combat noises coming through the gaps and help quieten the shed, Plus they are great for insulation which will help keep the shed warmer on cold winter days.

As far as weatherstrips go I recommend you try stopper kit.

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Moving Blankets

Another thing you can do is to cover the door with blankets, preferably moving blankets because they contain sound-absorbing properties like fiber.

This is basically a free option if you have moving blankets already, other than that you can use any thick blanket. These won’t make your shed look beautiful but will help sound dampen it.

Door Sweeps

The bottom of a door is some space that allows air and sounds to easily flow in. That is why it is important to add a noise-absorbing sweep to help combat both internal and external sound waves.

Acoustic Foam Panels

You can also use some foam panels but these won’t be as effective on the door as much as they are on the wall.

3. Work on the shed Walls

Most garden sheds walls are thin and made of wood, and as a result, it makes it harder to sound dampen them however with a few little tricks you can dramatically reduce the sound levels including:

Using Fiberglass Panels

Let’s face it, using egg crates or cartons won’t really cut it, because of how soundproofing works. So it is probably a great idea to invest in fiberglass panels because they are designed and created to combat noises.

These are incredibly great for your walls and after installing them, you will then see and hear the difference immediately.

There are a lot of fiberglass panels on the market, but the ones I recommend are BQLZR Soundproofing Fiberglass panel.

The downside about fiberglass is, it requires some level of investment especially if your shed is big.

Acoustic Foam Panels

These are not as effective as Fiberglass panels, but they are a lot cheaper. Foam panels do work but they are not really created for a hundred percent soundproofing rather, they are designed to help reduce echoes.

Acoustic panels are made from soft materials containing sound-absorbing properties. You can simply hang them without wasting time.

Doubling the walls with Drywall

You can build a room within a room by simply add an extra layer of drywall on the walls using a Green Glue noise-proofing sealant.


Again, you can use blankets if you don’t have the budget to do any of those two methods. I would advise you to use thicker ones

Get Some Bass Traps

Bass traps will help combat some of the low-frequency sounds and they work like magic, this can be an optional thing you can do to help with the overall shed soundproofing

4. Soundproofing the roof

There really isn’t much you can do on the roof, but I will share with you two things you can do to sound dampen it.

Acoustic Foam

Again, you can attach the foam panels on the roof to help deflect and absorb some of the sounds bouncing around.


You can add a layer of plywood on the roof. Layers are vital when it comes to sound dampening, so it important to try and add them if you can.

5. Sound Dampening Floor

It is also essential you try to soundproof the floor because it can make a lot of noise, especially if you are playing instruments like drums then you might want to sound dampen it.

Adding a Carpet

If you don’t have any carpet in your shed, then you might want to add one because of this by far the easiest thing you can do to reduce noise from the floor.

You can use any carpet as you wish, but I would suggest you go with a thick one for more sound absorption.

Sound deadening Mats

Well, I know you might be thinking “This is for vehicles” well you are right, but these are not limited to automobiles, you can add them in your shed. They work extremely well and pretty much affordable.

Final Thoughts on Shed Soundproofing

Soundproofing a shed is a lot easier than it seems, all you have to do is give yourself some time and maybe a little bit of budget to make your garden shed a quiet and peaceful place.

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