How To Soundproof A House For A Party: 11 Easy Ways

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Are you planning to throw a party but afraid of upsetting your neighbors which may result in them calling the police for you?

well, worry not! because in this article I will share with you things you can do to soundproof your house and some effective hacks(Read On).

Soundproofing can be really expensive and without any significant budget it would be really hard to completely sound dampen your home, It takes a lot of time and expertise to get it 100% right, but this article will help you Significantly reduce the noise coming out.

How to Soundproof a House for a Party

1. Get Some Bass Traps

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Did you know, low-frequency sounds travels the furthest? that is why it is important to combat any bass noise because your neighbors are more likely to hear the bass and vibrations than any other noises coming from your house.

The best way to combat this is by getting bass traps, these are created to trap low-frequency sounds from leaving a room. they are pretty straightforward( all you have to do is place them at each corner of your walls).

What I like about them is they are really effective and pretty affordable too. These will block the bass from going outside your walls.

2. Block The Noise Going through the windows

If there is one place you should start with if you looking to sound dampen a house, it the windows, a lot of gaps can be spotted on any window and that can result in noises coming out.

There are a lot of things you can do to block out the noise going through your windows. but the best cheap and temporary option is to get sound-absorbing curtains.

These curtains will dramatically reduce noises and echoes plus, they are pretty elegant too. One of the best sound dampening curtains I recommend is Nice Town Thermal Noise Reducing Curtains.

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Now depending on how many windows you are trying to sound dampen this should be really inexpensive but yet effective.

3. Seal the Door Gaps

This is really important because just like the windows, the door contains a lot of gaps which makes it easy for sounds and noises to go through.

Luckily it is really cheap to sound dampen the door, all you need is a pair of weatherstrips that you can get on Amazon for under $40.

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Pretty easy and straightforward to install.

4. Try Placing a Carpet

Now, this is not as important as the windows and door but it can make a huge difference if your floor doesn’t have one already. By getting and placing a thick carpet can help reduce sounds bouncing and creating echoes, which also will lower bass and footsteps noise.

5. Attach Thick Blankets on the wall

This may not be the best-looking solution but will certainly work, you can try to attach thick blankets that will absorb some of the sounds from the music playing and people talking/screaming.

I recommend you use moving blankets as they are better. Science proves that thick material absorbs more sound.

6. Add More Furniture

Due to the way the sound waves travel adding more furniture can make a great impact when soundproofing for your party. objects “slow or break” down how fast and long the sound waves go.

So when having a party it is advisable that you take out some of the furniture from the basement/storage and use it to deflect the sounds from going out.

7. Keep the volume at a reasonable level

There is no need to blast your speakers to make the party great, This is by far one of the best things you can do, simply play the music at a reasonable level plus this will help the guest socialize more and have conversations without the need for shouting.

8. Speak with your Neighbors

One thing you can do that will help avoid all the conflicts in to talk to your neighbors about the party and try to invite them over( obviously, they are more likely to decline) but this will create some bond and they will feel more special and thus making it unlikely for them getting angry.

another thing you can do is tell a white lie, you can lie about someone leaving your area and you won’t be able to see them soon/again so you want to throw the last appreciation party for them. You have no idea how effective this can be.

9. Party in The Basement

You can opt to have the party in your basement, as this makes it highly unlikely for the noise to escape the house. The basement is great because not a lot of noise can be heard from the outside and you certainly won’t have to spend a lot of money.

10. Hire a Place

Instead of having the celebrations in your home, you can hire a place where you can party as much and loud as you want without getting into trouble or disturbance.

11. Try Acoustic Egg Cartons

The reason why this is last on the list is that I haven’t personally tried soundproofing with egg cartons but I heard it can reduce noise on the wall. So you can try placing them on your walls to help prevent the sound from escaping.

Questions You Might Have

How do you keep the noise down at a party?

One way to achieve this is to reduce the input on your subwoofer since low-frequency sounds travel further than any sounds, adding bass traps will help too.

Soundproof the area using the methods above and you should do absolutely fine.

When Should music be turned down at night?

If you are planning to play music loudly in the party then it is important to know that there are some restrictions and those vary from area to area, however, the law that applies almost everywhere says loud music can be played up until 11 pm, given the neighbors don’t complain.

Final Thoughts on Soundproofing and Reducing Noise at a Party

I hope this article helped you soundproof your house for the upcoming party your planning, I hope you have a great time and try to avoid getting into trouble with your neighbors or the law and make it the best day.

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