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5 Quietest Garbage Disposal 2020: Silent and Reliable

We all take it for granted but putting food scraps in the sink is such a convenience thanks to nifty garbage disposers.

Most people had accepted that the noise created by these machines is unavoidable and worth it for the value of their produce.

But what if you’re a house with children or old people who are sensitive to noise, or what if you have PTSD or anxiety? Not to worry as you can find much quieter garbage disposals which won’t break the bank today.

I have crafted a list of top 5 quiet garbage disposals to help you best one for your home and kitchen:

1. InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposal

The InSinkErator is a modern addition to your home thanks to its stainless steel chamber and parts. If you have a large family or cook regularly, you will appreciate the capacity of the steel chamber which can hold a maximum of 40oz.

The motor operates at a strength of 1HP that can produce 1725 RPM so all that waste will be processed quickly. The reason why the Evolution Excel is at the top of the list is that it produces only 25 decibels which are one-twentieth the level of an ordinary cleaner.

And this doesn’t mean it skimps out on performance- this system uses MultiGrind® Technology which can turn any food item into pulp. We used this on leftovers such as fruits, bones, vegetables, peels, celery and did not face any clogging.

The grinding chamber and other inner components are made from stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and will give you a longer life than other materials.

It also has an interesting feature called the “Jam Breaker; which increases torque by 500% that breaks through a large volume of food and an Auto-Reverse grind system which moves the disposer in the reverse direction automatically when a clog is detected.

As with the L – 8000, Evolution Series features a stopper system as well. It’s made of stainless steel and allows precious objects from getting into the grinding mechanism.

What I like about this Disposal

  • Installation is easy and it will take you less than an hour to do so with your existing software
  • One of the most trusted brands when it comes to garbage disposal
  • Very Quiet but extremely powerful
  • Easy to clean
  • value for the money

What I don’t like about this Disposal

  • The size of this garbage disposal is quite large at 9″ x 9″ x 13″ so depending on the availability of space this could be a disadvantage if you plan to install it in a tight area.

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2. Waste King Legend Series L-1001

The Waste King L-1001 is a compact garbage disposal that runs on 1/2 HP with 2600 RPM allowing it to work on kitchen scraps in seconds.

It runs on a permanent magnet motor and has a grinding chamber with a capacity of 27.3 oz, making it suitable for a 2-3 person household for everyday food scraps.

A continuous feed, the Waste King features an EZ Mount twist-and-lock design that allows for fast installation. Plus, it comes with a 32-inch power cord, saving you a trip to the store.

All you will need to install is a screwdriver, pliers, plumbers putty and a hammer. Like other Waste King products, this one has a strong polymer grind chamber and galvanized steel which reduces the chances of corrosion.

Another feature we liked is the removable and replaceable splash guard that makes it easier to clean the disposal. Since it has a smaller motor, it’s important to have a manual reset button to shut it down in case of overloads and the L-1001 has a switch present near the bottom end.

What I like about this Disposal

  • Pre-installed power cord which means you can install it yourself
  • Will not take up too much space
  • Stainless steel components that will ensure durability
  • Affordable

What I don’t like about this Disposal

  • The trim is shiny and is engraved with the brand name which will draw attention

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3. Waste King Legend 8000

The Waste King is true to its name as it can handle enough waste created by a large family or a gathering without causing jams or clogs.

disposals with a large 1-hp motor are typically only needed in households that have a significant amount of food waste.

The Waste King Legend-8000 is one of the most powerful systems in the brand’s lineup with a motor of 1HP which runs at a speed of 2800 RPM.

This means the job gets done quickly which saves electricity in the long run. It features a magnet technology that helps the motor reaches full speed as soon as you switch it on.

There is also a provision where the disposal shuts off automatically in case there is an overload of trash. This reset is placed in front of the unit where it will not be pressed by error.

Now since we’re concerned with noise, the L-8000 I lined with insulation which deals with the problem. This reduces the noise generated and allows it to run silently.

Rust is a pain when it comes to garbage disposal as it can cause the system to crumble and clog. The L-8000 deals with this as it is made with stainless steel and has a lining of reinforced polymer in the grinding chamber.

While the Waste King is a tall unit at 16-inches in height, it is still slim enough allowing you to store cleaning and other supplies under the sink.

Installation is not very difficult as it has a twist and lock design that allows you to set it up yourself. Lastly, it does have some bells and whistles with features like a neoprene splash guard to keep trash from splashing outside while grinding and is septic-tank compatible.

Since noise is our major concern here, you will be pleased with the quietness at which this garbage disposal runs. Since it uses a magnetic-based motor, it is less noisy than other competitors.

Of course, the bearing and moving parts are lubricated which goes a long way in reducing friction and consequently noise. But the extra insulation is what reduces the noise greatly as this reduces the vibrations during operation.

What I like about this garbage disposal

  • Quieter and effective
  • Unlike many of its competitors, the Waste King L-8000 comes equipped with a pre-installed power cord This means that you won’t need to purchase a separate power cord kit or use the cord from your old disposal.
  • You’ll be hard-pressed to find 1-hp garbage disposal with better value.
  • Weighing in at less than 12 pounds, the L-8000 is easy to position under the sink.

What I don’t like about it

  • The L-8000 measures 16-inches from where it’s mounted at the bottom of the sink.

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4. InSinkErator 76006, Gray

While Garbage disposals can be used along with septic systems, many do not do so. The InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist not only can break down food waste in your septic system while disposing of garbage.

The 76006 system creates and pushes 300 million micro-organisms into your septic system which break down fats, starch, grease and even solid waste in your drains.

These microorganisms are not only safe for the environment but are also helpful in controlling odor in your sinks and drains. This will leave a fresh citrusy smell out of your sink.

The process of changing cartridge is simple with a push of a button and you might need to do it 2-3-times a year. But no other maintenance is required as its stainless steel chambers will do a good job of preventing rust with some reviewers even claiming that this unit has lasted them for 10 years.

This garbage disposal system is also a good choice thanks to its 3/4 HP induction motor which runs at a speed of 1725 RPMs.

It follows a 2-stage grinding process that converts your solid waste into a liquid texture that can pass through easily in your septic systems.

The manufacturer claims that the InSinkErator is whisper quiet and we’re glad to support a true claim from a company for once!

I found that the noise generated while using it was not too loud and did not disturb kids sleeping close to the kitchen. If you’re interested in knowing how this is because of an anti-vibration design which keeps the grounding noise to a minimum and a sink baffle.

What I like

  • Completely safe for your septic system with a bio-enzyme system
  • Can handle large volumes of scraps with ¾ horsepower motor
  • Stainless Steel components that will prevent damage and disintegration 2-stage grinding which will process solid food also
  • Comes with a replaceable Sink Baffle

What I don’t like

  • This unit is pretty big and heavy. You must check the space under your sink because the dimension of this product is 14 x 11 x 16 inches.

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5. Moen GX50C

The Moen GX50C is a continuous feed, light-use garbage disposal for about 2 to 4 people who don’t cook very extensively.

It features a Vortex permanent magnet motor with ½ HP and 2600 RPM. Now, this may not be able to process hard bones but it can clean up the regular food waste of a small family.

Since this unit begins operation the minute the unit is on, the chances of a jam is unlikely. But keep in mind that this is not very heavy-duty and do not force a lot of food scraps into it.

Installation is easy as it uses a universal system of 3-bolt mounting and all you will need is plumbers putty and a screwdriver.

If you are replacing old disposal, the new Moen should easily fit into the unit. The components are made of German stainless steel and should protect against rust and disintegration.

But as the outer parts are black with a compact design, the whole unit has a modern look. The Moen GX50C uses a SoundSHIELD which forms an insulation wall around the motor reducing noise considerably.

One of the reviewers was worried if the garbage disposal was working as it made almost no noise and he was not used to a quiet experience! As far as its design is concerned, The Moen GXP33C is one of the smallest units available.

It is built to fit into tight spaces, so if you are crunched for space, this will be the right choice for you. With dimensions of 13.4 x 5.4 x 5.4 inches and weight around 8 lbs, the Moen is easy to install by yourself.

What I like about this garbage disposal

  • Comes with a pre-installed power cord thus saving time & money
  • Highly efficient with 1900 RPM for its size and capacity
  • Cost-effective

What I don’t Like

  • Although the RPM is quite good for its size, the Moen will not be able to handle hard and crunchy food scraps.

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A Guide to Choosing the Right Quiet Garbage Disposal

Besides pricing, there are many other factors that you should consider before buying garbage disposal for your home. Below are some factors that differentiate a good disposal unit from an ordinary one.

Types of Garbage Disposal

These are two main kinds of garbage disposals:

  1. “Continuous Feed” units begin operating the minute you press the on the switch and will continue until you stop it manually. Since it’s easy to just switch on and forget, this kind of disposal is useful for processing large amounts of waste or larger households. However, it can be a bit dangerous and accidents can happen if you’re careless.
  2. Batch feed garbage disposals run in batches as in, it only starts operating when you cover the entrance with a stopper/cover and place the trash. Then you need to press a switch to start the grinding process. This type of disposal is much safer as it only works when sealed properly. They are more expensive than continuous types of garbage disposers.

Noise levels

No garbage disposals are noiseless but of course, some are less annoying than others. Look for garbage disposals with special features like a SoundSHIELD or Sound Seal that do the job of reducing vibrations and deadening noise.

InSinkErator has created a scale to measure the noise level from 1 to 7 with 1 being very quiet and 7 being noise. If you prefer the brand, you should take a look at this level before purchasing it.

The capacity of the garbage disposal

Good garbage disposal should be able to dispose of the rubbish accumulated out the day. The power of the motor calculated in Horsepower determines how quickly the disposal can be done.

be sufficient to deal with your daily load of garbage. For a small house with 1-3 people, ½ or ⅓ horsepower would do. Families with 4-6 people will require ¾ horsepower.

Commercial kitchens or large families will require at least 2 HP. If you have a large family that looks to cook and eat at home, choose a large one like the InSinkErator Evolution.

But if it’s just you in a small kitchen, go for something like the Moen GX50C.

Strength of the motor

The strength of the motor determines more than just how much waste it can handle, it can define how well it can process and cut up all the garbage.

The finer your disposal can grind the waste, the less likely it is that your drain will clog. ½ HP is enough for 1-2 person households and is ideal for light use.

Now if you regularly consume food with bones and hard, fibrous vegetables, ¾ HP motors would be the perfect power for you. 1-2 HP motors can withstand heavy use and even tougher food waste.

Other Features

Features like splash guards and flanges are useful in preventing food scraps from being spit out while processing. Ease of installation is an important factor if you’re very new to home maintenance.

If the system comes with a pre-wired power cord and detailed guide, you can consider doing it yourself. Otherwise, it’s easier to get it professionally installed.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! I hope the above guide helped you make the right choice for your home and kitchen.



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