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Best Cheap Soundproofing Material

If you are living in urban areas, then you are well aware of the need for a quiet environment, free from any external disturbances.

From the Unbearable sound of air horns to sharp noise created by machines all are sufficient to break into your room comfort, disrupting studying, nursing patients or any other work requiring intense attention.

This article will show you exactly the cheap soundproofing material that really works!

Almost all of us love going for a long drive to refresh and take a break from the stressful work schedule.

Unfortunately, you cannot resist the sound waves by just shutting the doors and windows as they can pass through any solid material as well.

In order to block its propagation, you need to dampen its energy by absorbent materials.

Sadly, they generally come at a high price, and our sole intention is to provide you with information about some effective products which are simultaneously cheap and efficient.

What are the soundproofing materials?

These are materials and products that aim to absorb noise and get rid of unwanted noise, normally they are denser and thicker and are made out of noise absorbing materials.

 Types of Soundproofing materials

There are different types of sound dampening materials including:

  • Acoustic foams:
  • Sound insulation
  • Acoustic Fabrics
  • Sound Deadeners 
  • Floor Underlayment
  • Sound dampening Spray
  • noise reducing mats
  • and more…

Here are the best cheap soundproofing materials and Products.

1. Soundproof Blackout Curtains.

Soundproof Curtains are drapes that are designed to reduce noises and echoes, they are made from thick dense materials that consist of sound-absorbing properties like microfibers and thermal.

They are no different from the regular ones in terms of Aesthetics, but they are built for noise reduction. Basically, it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

They come in various colors and styles and pretty affordable too ( Click here to see the current price on Amazon).

2. Green Glue Noise-proofing

Acoustic insulation in the form of panel or board may allow sound enter because of the delicate edges and gaps. In order to create a full-proof environment, you can opt for Green Glue tubes.

You can easily use green glue as an adhesive for drywall to add some solid soundproofing.

The liquid state of the material allows it too fills all the most exceptional gaps in no time. To make the process cost-effective, you can use a large caulk gun for the uniform ejection of glue  (See price on Amazon)

STC or Sound Transmission Chart demonstrates the capability of a material to deaden the intensity of a sound wave. On testing, Green Glue has scored 56 in the case of standard drywall, which is well above any other soundproofing material available. It performs exceptionally well in case of low-frequency sound absorption.

3. Acoustic Foam Panels

Foam panels are not necessarily a soundproofing solution, but they certainly help reduce a lot of noises, sounds and echoes, they are also great for reducing reverbs which as a result you enjoy a more quieter environment. These are a viable option if you are looking for a temporary solution and are pretty straightforward and affordable too ( See the latest Price on Amazon).

If you want to learn how to create your own acoustic panel click here.

4. Low-Frequency Sound Absorbing Bass Traps

Bass traps are foam-like products that are created to absorb low-frequency sounds (Bass). All you have to do is place one of the corners of your wall.

They are incredibly amazing and cost-effective too. If you are looking to reduce bass noise then these are made for you. (See Real User Reviews on Amazon).

5. Moving Blankets Insulation

Just like the noise-reducing Blinds, Moving blankets are great blankets for sound dampening because they are thick and dense and can be used for a lot of things, including sound-dampening the door, windows, walls and you can use them when soundproofing a room for instruments.

They are great for absorbing sounds and noises and pretty affordable too, so using these can help you save more money.

6. Soundproof weatherstrip door kit

Weatherstrips are great for closing and sealing the gaps on the door to help reduce the amount of noise coming through, they are pretty cheap and cost-effective.

It is easy to install weatherstrips on your door and takes less time and effort while saving you a lot of cash. These weatherstrips are also great for soundproofing barn doors by closing off the gaps.

7. Acoustic Fire Batts By Roxul.

Acoustic Fire Batts by Roxul is one of the most affordable soundproofing materials available in the contemporary market.

The premium dampener is made of unique wool compacted as 2.5 pound of mass per cubic foot which adds to its flexibility which is way better than the regular fiberglass board.

It is a multipurpose product as it can be installed against any kind of structure or wall which can support it.

If you want a cost-effective and robust solution to sound disturbances, Roxul Rock board Acoustic insulation can block sound and serve the purpose.

The material compromises a compact block of mineral wool condensed as 8 pounds per square foot of area. When determining the functionality of a sound deadener, the NRC (Noise Reduction Co-efficient) is the ultimate and universally recognized index.

A complex set of calculations based on different factors like thickness, density exhibits the resultant NRC of material, and it touches the peak value in the case of Rosxul Rock board insulation.

Another unique characteristic of this sound dampener is water repelling nature. It acts as a fire retardant compound of class A category as well as ensuring the safety of the interior in extreme circumstances.

8. Fatmat Sound Deadener

Fatmat comes with an all-new RattleTrap technology that can efficiently absorb vibrations of your car’s rattling sounds to a great extent. According to product research, Fatmat can increase the audibility level of car interiors by 3 dB.

Except for this, the mat has a self-adhesive sheet of aluminum metal to provide insulation from heat. Fatmat Sound Deadners use “Super-stick” adhesives featuring pressure sensitivity with 80 mils nominal thickness.

You will get a knife, roller and other accessories needed for easy installation against a purchase of a single unit of Fatmat (50 square feet, 18 inch X 33.5 feet).

8. Noico Sound Deadener (Cheaper)

Noico is absolutely one of the best sound deadeners on the market, It is commonly used to sound dampen vehicles. What I like about Noico is the fact that it is really cheap compared to others like Dynamat and Fatmat and still competes on a 1:1 ratio with them.

9. GTmat Sound deadening material.

GTmat sound dampening material is another quality product that dampens unwanted noise and enhances the audio quality of your car sound system with a great deal.

A single package of it contains 25 square feet of GTmat sheet along with a cut-off knife, roller, biodegradable Degreaser, two white Decals. The mat can adhere to any kind of surface and the application of pressure on it results in even stronger attachment.

Unlike any ordinary sound dampener, GTmat is compatible with a wide range of temperatures right from 10° C to as high as 50° C. This material is tested for 20 years of consistent service making it stand out from the other rivals.

Installation of GTmat in your car interiors will increase the bass level of your old ordinary sound systems seem as costly and branded ones. The product research has revealed the fact that it can absorb unwanted rattle noise up-to 5dB of intensity.

GTmat contains multiple layers — elastic rubberized thick sheet, self-adhesive aluminum metal sheet, and polymer thin film release.

10. Soundproof Blinds

Just like curtains, there are different types of blinds and Soundproof Blinds are one of the many different types of blinds, Honestly, they don’t have as much impact as expected but they are much better at blocking sounds than ordinary ones, that is why they managed to make it in my list of the top 10 soundproofing material.

What to look for when buying soundproofing material (Buying Guide)

1. Material Used

This is very important because most products claim to help with sound dampening, but they are really less effective. The best thing you can do is check for what type of material was used to create the product.

2. Weight

The science of acoustics states that the denser, heavier or thicker the material, the better the soundproofing. In other words, look for thicker products especially the curtains, moving blankets and the sound deadeners.

3. Price

Price is really important as some products can be over-priced over others that do a similar job, so before making any purchases make sure you compare prices for a better cheaper one.

4. Reviews

Look at what other people are saying about the product or material as an indicator of quality. People often leave reviews to help others understand the product.


These are my best soundproofing material that works well even though you are on a budget. I hope this article helped you decide on the materials you have been looking for.

I summarised the inexpensive common soundproofing materials for you. if you are looking for more soundproofing tips, check out my other articles on sound-absorbing.

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