How To Soundproof A Window: 10 Cheap And Easy Ways

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In this article, I will show you how to soundproof a window whether from traffic noise or you are looking to perform a DIY project that will make your room peaceful and quiet.

When you need a quiet place to work or sleep properly, a soundproofed room will be the ideal place. Unfortunately, most noise doesn’t only come from door gaps but Windows are the biggest culprits.

1. Fill the Window Air gaps

The unwanted air gaps from the window have to be sealed; it will be your primary concern when you are soundproofing a room. If the window has any kind of gap, then the outside noise will come inside the room.

Also, if your window is loosely attached to the wall, it will vibrate with the sound wave energy. So, you should follow this step, when you are conducting such an operation.

Accordingly, this will be beneficial for your air conditioner and save you some money on the electricity bill. This can be your first step.

Recommended products: You can use Sound dampening window strips for sealing your window gaps.

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2. Use Noise absorbing Curtains for Windows

At the same time, adding a layer of Noise absorbing Curtains will be a great deal to soundproof a window cheaply. By adding some Curtains to the window, the surface will increase its sound absorption rate. As a consequence, the sound energy can’t pass through them and should be absorbed by the curtain.

The theory behind this: when some mass is added to any surface, the effect of energy can be reduced on that surface.

Although there are many curtains that could do the job I personally recommend Nicetown Full Shading because not only they look great but they are heavy enough to absorb sounds

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Moondream Soundproof Curtain can reduce the outside sound up-to 7 decibels or 75%. Some other products is- New Soundproof Set 11.8inch Sound-absorbing Acoustic Foam cotton noise control, etc.

3. Block The Whole Window

One of the toughest decisions that you will have to face is, Deciding to block out the entire window or using the other methods on in this post.

Blocking the window will have a significant result, and is probably the most effective in terms of sound dampening noise.

There reason why I say this is the toughest decision because if you opt for blocking the entire windows there will be less sunlight coming in.

Now this will depend on which window you want to sound dampen obviously If you doing it in places like a garage door or storage than blocking the window entirely would be a viable option.

What makes this method one of the best is the fact that there will be no gaps left to be exploited by sounds and echoes.

One way to Go about this would be to use sound-absorbing materials like insulation panels but unfortunately, if you like beautiful things they wouldn’t work well but if you use Fiberglass soundproof blanket to cover your windows would do an amazing job.

4. Try Sound dampening foam for windows

The window foam is an acoustic mat that can be attached to your window to prevent the unwanted noise from the outside world. Window Foam has two-way benefits for your room.

It will absorb the sound waves and also it will also block out the light. Afterward, Window foam is very easy to remove and replaced again with some new products when needed.

For this reason, it’s another cheap solution for you, when you are making your window soundproof.

Some products are- Soundproofing Foam Sound-Absorbing Noise Wedge For KTV Studio DIY Red, Soundproofing Foam Sound-Absorbing Noise Sponge For KTV Studio DIY Black, etc.

5. Get Window Interior Acrylic

The Interior Acrylic or Glass Sheet is also an effective way to reduce unwanted sound. You have to add an extra layer of Acrylic or Glass Sheet, inside of your room in the window section.

Meanwhile, you may need some metal frame to attach that sheet to your window. However, you can use some well-classed glue in this process, and you are good to go.

Interior Acrylic or Glass Sheet will reduce outside noise by up to 55% to 75%.

6. Purchase Thick Soundproof Blinds for windows

I recently wrote an article about the best soundproof blinds, click to check it out.

These are similar to sound dampening curtains and are used to reduce echoes and sounds in a room. One important thing you should always check before buying is the Thickness.

Not all blinds have the ability to soundproof a window but there are some. The one I recommend is.

Blinds are not the best method in my opinion because there will be still some gaps left and can be easily be exploited.

If you don’t want to completely block out the noise then Blinds would be an option to consider and at least there would be some sunlight coming through.

7. External Storm Windows

Similarly, by adding the External Storm Window, you will have an extra layer of Acrylic or Glass Sheet, outside your window. Presumably, that will give you a double layer of protective care with the Interior Acrylic, against the unwanted noise.

The result will depend on the materials you buy from the market for the job. Like- if you buy cheap Acrylic or Glass Sheet, or the glue is not good quality, you will not have the intended result you are looking for.

8. Add an Acoustic Barrier

On the other hand, when you add some Acoustic Barrier in your window, it will limit the sound transmission. An Acoustic Barrier is made with some dense materials, which are ideal for sound wave absorption and noise cancellation. Consequently, it acts as an extra layer of insulation over your window.

Some recommended products as Acoustic Barrier are- Fiberglass Panel- Made with high dense fiberglass that will reduce noise. Mass Loaded Vinyl- It’s a very thin (1/8 inch) super dense Vinyl, which has a superb sound-absorbing and termination capacity!

Some other products are- HobbyDash Soundproofing Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Deadener Acoustic Noise Barrier, Acoustic sound barrier Wall Panel Studio Foam Burgundy, Ultimate SOUND BARRIER 1″ closed cell neoprene acoustic foam weather resistant, etc.

9. Change or Upgrade the windows

Finally, you can change or upgrade your window; thus it will block more noise than you are getting by any DIY method used.

As the old windows likely have some structural integrity, which cannot be used when you are applying the methods! To get the best result, you may have to change your old window. But if you have a house with a 6-10-year-old window, then the up-gradation will be your choice.

By replacing the windows with Double Pane windows, you will immediately see drastic changes in how peaceful the room will. Double Pane Windows are known to reduce noise levels by up to 60%.

What makes Double Pane windows even more attractive is the fact that they are able to keep the room temperature cooler on hot days and warmer during cold days.

You should upgrade it by adding Noise Reducing Blinds, Noise Reducing Curtains, soundproofing mats, Acoustic Barrier, etc.

10. Soundproof Window Plug Diy

Last but not least, you can make your own window plugs. If you don’t know what a window plug is, it is simply a frame that is meant to be airtight with your windows but a common word used for these plugs is window inserts.

One of the advantages of window plugs is that you can plug them and remove them whenever you desire. So if you are not looking for a long-term soundproofing solution then window plug would be a viable option.

To make the window plugs you can use soundproofing mats and acoustic foams. Don’t get discouraged, creating window plugs is really simple. all you have to do is.

  • Cut the foam/mat at least one inch more than the window.
  • Gently force the foam into the window frame make it a tight fit.

Soundproof Insert DIY Steps

Material required:

  • A Wooden Board
  • Shell Handles
  • Soundproof Foam
  • Weatherstripping Tape
  • Adhesive or any Glue

Steps to take:

  • Carefully measure the size of your windows and then cut the wooden board accordingly, make sure you are at least more accurate here because you don’t want the board to be smaller than the window because that will leave open gaps.
  • Now begin to cut the sound dampening mat exactly the same size as the board you just cut on the above step.
  • Use any adhesive but make sure it’s stronger to stick the mat into the wooden frame you just cut.
  • Repeat the same steps but using acoustic sponge this time, then stick it to the mat.
  • Take the shell handles and attach it to the outside of the window insert to help you with plugging in and out pulling out the plug.
  • If you still see some gaps, use the weatherstrips to close them off.


All things considered, now you know how soundproofing works, and how to do a DIY window sound dampening.

The unwanted sounds are deadly for human ears. Regrettably, the lightning sound will be the result of the cardiac arrest for anybody close to ground zero.

So it’s better safe than sorry. By sound dampening a window, Strangely enough, you will get the peace of mind and the high flow rate of works as well. So soundproofing a window will dramatically reduce noise significantly!.

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